Sunday, December 28, 2008

Emma si Baiatu

Cred ca v-am mai povestit de Baiatu, maidanezul simpatic care sarea pe parinti de bucurie cand ii vedea. Asta se intampla in vara, de atunci nu l-au mai vazut. Buun.

Deci ma scoate mami sa ma joc in zapada, cu copiii. Nici urma de caini in parculetul din spatele blocului. Toate bune si frumoase, cand ajungem in curtea imprejmuita vedem un doberman. Cool zic eu, mom tipa Emma nu. Eu desi aveam chef de joaca ma opresc, dar nu inteleg de ce. Ne convingem ca Athos e super ok si incep sa ma joc cu el. Apare un maidanez negru (cred ca e mix de labrador, chiar, nu-l vrea nimeni????, e simpatic foc!) pe care eu il cam gonesc prin simpla prezenta. Dar de data asta nu avea chef sa plece, vroia sa se joace cu noi. Si la un moment dat mom se trezeste cu ditamai namila pe ea, sarind bucuros de revedere. BAIATU! Sa nu-l recunoasca initial. Avea impresia ca e mai mare. Buuuun, si ma joc cu toti, dar la un moment dat ma plictisesc si ma trantesc in zapada, dupa bunul meu obicei. In acel moment mom ia decizia sa plecam. Credeti ca asa usor e? Baiatu ne pazea pe amandoua. Chiar a gonit pe maidanezul ala negru care culmea se tinea ca o umbra dupa noi. Dupa care a latrat zdravan la un domn care trecea pe acolo, pt ca el asa intelege sa ne pazeasca. Ce tupeu ca a trecut pe acolo (parerea lui, fireste).

Ajungem in fata scarii. Mom imi da o tratatie (Acana Puppy Large Breed) si restul le pune pt Baiatu. Baiatu se uita la ele si in momentul in care deschidem usa sa intram in scara Baiatu o ia la goana sus pe scari. CIRC. Mom pune mana pe telefon si in suna pe tati sa coboare s-o ajute. Stia ca as iesi si eu afara daca ar incerca sa il scoata pe Baiatu. Buun tati ma ia de lesa, Baiatu dupa noi. A urcat scarile hahaha. Vrea si el o casa, saracutul. I s-a cerut sa astepte, si a fost condus afara cu mancarea de rigoare. Intrucat initial nu a vrut sa se atinga de boabele MELE (ok, am vrut eu sa le halesc instant, eu nu rezist nici cand vad sacul de mancare) i-a fost prezentata alta mancare. Pramatia a sarit totusi sa devoreze mai intai boabele MELE. Repet ca erau ale mele, nu suport sa impart mancarea MEA cu alt caine. Bine ca nu eram acolo sa il vad.

Eu sper sa il mai intalnesc, mi-a placut mult joaca cu el. Familia mea are totusi alta parere...Pt ca e foarte greu de scapat de el o data ce i s-a acordat putina atentie. E foarte foarte afectuos si ni se rupe sufletul sa il stim pe strada.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Early Christmas presents

Mom went today to some banks to pay some stuff, and she decided I needed some new toys for Christmas. Well she got me this (and when dad asked about the stuff for them, he discovered nothing was for them haha)

I love them! I mostly love the pink dolphin.


Monday, December 15, 2008


We had the most pleasant surprise this morning. It was in the mail box, a Christmas card from our dearest DINO! We love you Dino, thank you so much for the card, it is so lovely and the photo is adorable!


Thank you, Dino, Julia and Bernard, we love you so much!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas :)

Emma sweetiepie
Personalized Glitter Graphics

Myspace Glitter Graphics

Princess Emma
Glitter Graphics

Mom wants to set up the Christmas tree, but she fears I will redecorate it and place it horizontally. If anything like this should happen, there are some options
a. there was an earthquake
b. the cat did it (ooops we don't have one, we hate cats)
c. the other dog did it (I don't have a pet yet)
d. the teddy bear did it
e. Santa did it!
f. Mom did it (if daddy sees it)
g. daddy did it (if mom sees it)
And I am sticking to it!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!!!!!!! 6 months already WOOHOO!!!!!!!


Multumim mult Goldie, Kara, Lory, George, Mika, Asky, Dora, Natasha, Pony, Ioana, Sarah, Oly si Dragos pentru urarile frumoase si surpriza facuta!!! Sunteti niste scumpe si scumpi. Tortul diseara, promit si film!!!!

Si filme+ poze acum, dupa cum am promis:














Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bine ai venit acasa, TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina surioara mea dupa tati a venit acasa azi!!!!!!!!


Welcome home, Tina!!!!!!!!!! She is my half sister, we have the same dad!!!!!!!!

Interior decorator (and lanscapist but that's another story)

There are always new emerging trends in interior decoration. What I want to present now is my graduation thesis.

Gun dog? Maybe. Bird hunting - are you serious? Guard dog - never

So Golden Retrievers are great gun dogs, and that may be true about me as well, as I do not fear loud noises. But we are used for bird hunting. Now THAT might be weird, because ...oh well watch the video and you will see.

As for my guardian comment. We are NOT meant to be guard dogs haha.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Emma and politics

Today, as I was taking a walk some guys and girls stopped mom - they were giving away some leaflets with a political party or some candidates. Mom requested only one, rolled it over and gave it to me. You should have seen the look on their faces with mom told me" Emma will you vote, sweetie?". As we were walking people were bursting into laughter seeing me proudly marching with that leaflet in my mouth(slobber included) . Some even asked me who am I voting for and mom replied for me" I have an intelligent dog, she won't vote for anyone and she would only spit on them"

Azi, pe cand ma plimbam, niste tipi si tipe de la un partid ne-au oprit si ne-au dat pliante pt un partid politic sau un candidat. Mami a rulat frumos pliantul si mi l-a dat. Ar fi trebuit sa vedeti mutrele alora cand mi-a zis "Emma, vrei sa votezi, pitica?" Pe strada oamenii mureau de ras cand ma vedeau pe mine mergand mandra cu pliantul in gura (balele incluse). Unii m-au intrebat cu cine votez si mom a dat replica pt mine "Am un caine inteligent, nu vrea sa voteze pe nimeni si dupa cum vedeti doar scuipa pe ei" Au urmat alte hohote de ras. Sper ca nu am facut campanie pt acel partid, nu asta a fost intentia. Daca da, asteptam oasele MELE!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

You have no idea how much time I spent tonight watching myself in the mirror.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Update on commands

So far I can:
leave it
drop it - I really spit some things out when requested, which always makes mom laugh.
hi five
weave (through legs)
silence ( I speak a lot)
stand (conformation pose)- still working on it though. We'll need this one next year.

But my favorite of all (actually mom made me write this) is kiss. Yep, I kiss on command as well. But that doesn't mean I don't love to kiss, I mostly kiss mom and dad without any command. I am a big kisser, hugger and licker. I really hug them, they bend down and I wrap (sort of speak) my front paws around their necks and I kiss them. And lick them.

For some commands(sit,stay, weave, spin, OFF, etc) I have also hand signals and I always respond to those, too.


Our dear friends Dino, and his family have given us two awards!!!!!! Thank you Dino, we love you lots!!!! We are so honored you have chosen us for the award.

We would like to share these awards with:

And last, but not least, to our dear friends Kara and Goldie, who do not have a blog/website yet.

Also we would like to give these special awards to my first mom, Mrs Maghiari, who is a wonderful person and a great breeder:

Some of the treats I get


This is yogurt + fresh cheese from the mountains+ an egg yolk+ a bit of honey. YUMMY I sooooooooo love this.

I love apples a lot. Mom used to slice them, but now I can take care of it myself.

My first snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh yeah, I even lifted a front paw, my sign of "eeww it's wet and I don't like it, I want home"

Mom thought I'd be thrilled and chase the snow flakes, but she was wrong hehe. She kept on telling me "Emma, look, it's snowing, it's your first snow!" Like I cared, I hate wet weather. Even though I love water a lot.

Unfortunately it was dark and it was snowing heavily so we chose to get back inside. I guess mom was the only one thrilled to get out, and I think she is extremely surprised I hated it. She really wanted to take me in the park, even if it was dark, so I could have fun with the snow flakes. Guess next time, if it's daytime.

P.S. Also note that the exclamation marks were written by mom, not me.

House (re)decoration or how I steal stuff

Monday, November 17, 2008


I was playing with mom in her office when I started to bark. Mom tried to stop me with some commands, but I just wouldn't stop barking. Eventually I ran into the living room where dad was having a conference and then mom realized the reason why I wouldn't stop barking.

You see, Tashi, my "aunt", who lives in Miami, and I were having a conference! Try to stop that, really. We wanted to talk to each other, so it's not just humans who talk! I demand my own PC now, I love talking to Tashi and I hope Ozzie, her "brother" (they're brother and sister because they're part of the same family, but they're different breeds) will join us. Mom,dad, I know you have an extra PC, so pleaseeeeeeeee.

Yesterday mom, dad and I were watching Air Bud, and the moment the villains got the puppies with the net annoyed me so much that I growled. I really disliked the movie afterward and refused to watch it. How can anyone be so evil to Golden pups? I hardly ever growl by the way.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Play session with Lexy

We had the best time today with my friend Lexy, a very sweet boy who is very intelligent, playful and cute :)

Here we greet each other:

Then we start playing, chasing each other, hugging.

As Lexy, his mom and grandpa left, I met Blanca. Note that today we kinda ignored each other, quite unusual for us! But I was tired and Blanca wanted to run and play fetch.

I was really knocked out and I don't play fetch when I am that tired.

Friday, November 14, 2008

MY first very long walk

Today I took a very long walk, about 4 km and I heeled very nice most of the trip :) With a play session before and after the trip, each about 1 and a half hours. I took long trips before but this one was a pretty fast one, it took us about 30 or 35 minutes to complete.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mail is here

Emma takes great pride in delivering mail, she always makes sure she delivers it intact.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!

Happy birthday Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you so much!

Emma is 5 months old today! And of course this time we tried to capture on video the moment she received her special birthday treat - a cake.

Wanda and Cristi with Emma

Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't drink and drive

Excuse me ossifer *hiccup* I am not even trying to hide the fact that I have stolen merchandise, and ...

New pics and videos

The little princess who has just shredded a big box:

Shark attack or "daddy wanna play, so what if you're tired and sleeping?"

Shark attack 2 or zoomies, can't decide which one!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I scared mom a lot

It was late evening yesterday when mom took me out in the small park nearby. We love it there, but this time everything went different. First a stray growled at me and barked at me, and all I wanted to do was play. Then two other dogs did the same, we cannot believe how poorly socialized most dogs here are. Mom took me away and we met Blanca and Patrocle. As Patrocle was the first one to greet me, mom released my leash to let me play chase. As mom was saying hi to Blanca, I ran with Patrocle, mom chasing me and calling me back. Those three dogs were barking at me and Patrocle, and luckily a gentleman took me till mom ran to me. I really scared her, she thought I could run beyond the fence and into the street. No need to mention I am not to be unleashed for a looong time. Mom scolded me, I knew she was scared and I apologized by kissing her.

We love it there because it's a fenced area and it's safe for me to play and chase leaves. Plus there are a lot of kids who love me.

Anyhow it was the first and only time I went away and also the first time I did not come back when called.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My pedigree

And according to, my most influential ancestor is Eng. CH. Camrose Cabus Christopher

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We kinda got behind with uploads

This is how I sleep:

Or like this (hmm mom woke me up when she grabbed the camera)

or like this:

Please note the stolen blanket, I love it. First mom shared a tiny bit with me, now I got to have almost all of it, but hmm I can share!

Or in bed, but no photos/ videos available.

And this is what I do every morning when I hear the alarm, THAT particular alarm only:

That alarm means time for my first meal and walk!

And here I was using mom's PC

I was not very pleased when I was interrupted from using it!

And as a result, I chose to sleep on mom's chair:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mad play time

Yesterday we didn't even have the time to update the blog, that's how much fun we had together. I went in the small park nearby where I met a ton of great kids who helped mom train me. I was even unleashed FOR THE FIRST TIME because it's a confined area. I played with Blanca, another Golden Retriever who started to obey commands (MY commands by the way) when she saw I get treats for those. It was funny!

The kids walked me, too, they ran with me. At most times mom went away and called me. I always went to her! She couldn't have tested me if those kids didn't help. So we would like to thank mostly Ioana and Wanda, and the rest of the kids for being so supportive. We would also like to congratulate them for incredible skills they have in handling me, they do an amazing job.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cuddling up with mom and dad

Well I am not banned from their bed, but since I had the habit of waking them up in the middle of the night with barks just to be lifted up, and chew on them, I was not allowed to sleep in bed with them the whole night.

This night however I sneaked in slowly, and only mom realized I had climbed in the bed. Hihihi it was so cool to sleep with them for so long! Till now I was only allowed in after my breakfast and potty break+washing paws.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A minor cold

Yesterday around 11 am I started to pee a lot. I was so mad at myself and cried for having some accidents in the house, but I couldn't hold it. Mom and dad did not say a word to me about this, they were worried a lot. Needless to say I started treatment right away and I already felt better by evening. Actually, except for peeing, everything was the same otherwise. Even if today everything is back to normal, I'll continue my treatment for a few more days.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today I am 4 months old! So I got treats mom made for me, I cuddled up with mom, including when we went out. I also cuddled up with dad, and played with both of them. But we do this every day so no biggie.

And I have to tell you I was worried mom was drowning while she was taking her bath. She left the bathroom door open to keep an eye on me, and I thought she was in danger. So I tried hard to grab her with my paws, my mouth, I barked, I ran to daddy who was sleeping, to alert him, I tried EVERYTHING, including to open doors. Luckily, mom was not in danger as I had thought. Phew. She tried to calm me down, but when I think someone I love is in danger, that is not easy to do.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just to keep track of my weight

I am 13 kg today, one day before I turn 17 weeks old.

Happy Birthday, grandma!

I wish you all the best and I love you lots!

We had a great play time together today and I love being over there.

Going to school

Hmm if you think it's puppy classes, you're wrong hehe. I really went to high school today! The kind with human students. It's grandma's birthday and mom wanted to surprise her, so we went to visit her (and my grandpa, of course, and my aunt and uncle were also there)after school. We had to take a cab, even if it is a walking distance from the high school because it was pretty late and there are lots of strays on the streets. So to avoid an unpleasant incident, we took the best route.

Anyway, let's get back to high school. I love kids of all ages and we had a blast today! A lot of kids wanted to skip their classes and attend mom's just to be with me! I am so glad mom trusts me so much to take me with her! I behaved so nicely, that everyone was deeply impressed. But I always behave nicely :) And I want to thank all the kids for being so nice to me and for making me so happy!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! I love you lots! And I know you love me tons, too!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Play play play!

I am so tired now after so much play time. We went to two parks (break in between) and played a lot. I met a lot of people who LOVE me and that includes very young kids - for those I already know I have to sit and let them pet me while waiting patiently. But I also got to play with many dogs, including one who thought I wanted to take his ball, hehe. Yeah, I am kinda obsessed with balls, if I see one moving, no matter how big it is, I try to chase it. But I was not interested in that particular ball anyhow, I wanted to play with that dog. Oh well...

I was also allowed to carry a stick in my mouth, I love that! I also practiced how to heel properly, and I am doing a great job at this! So, I am friendly with any dog, any kid, and any adult I meet!

What I loved most though was the fact that I played with a stray (can you tell mom and dad are not thrilled with this at all?) and an 8 weeks old puppy. Oh well, too bad the puppy's owner needed to go soon, we both loved to play together.

One thing mom was worried about was me playing with the stray. And she even lifted me up, but it's hard to separate us.

And mom is sorry for not providing photos and videos, but she can't do this because she wants to take care of me.

Anyhow I am off to cuddle with mom and dad. I always show how much I love them, and they love me tons, too!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dog food

A very interesting article about the truth about dog food. There are many more that state the same things.

People have been told that it is very difficult to become a dog nutritionist. Like they have to be nutritionists in order to feed themselves or their kids properly. This is all part of shameless advertising in order to persuade people to buy dog food, and they make it sound like it's the best thing ever. The most worrisome fact are the endless food recalls in the industry, apart from the low quality ingredients added to dog food in order to boost quantity. Perhaps not all companies do this, but it is very difficult to tell that.

Anyhow, a good website that tackles dog food (both dry and canned) is

and another one that gives some info on what is healthy for a dog. Since some claim garlic is not healthy for dogs, nor whole eggs, I am not fed those. Actually I am fed just the egg yolk once a week. Those can even be added to kibble to make it more interesting.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Late evening walk

Yesterday dad and mom took me for a walk and I was allowed to play with a nice stray dog. He's a kind of our shadow whenever we go in a certain area. I know he follows mom actually because she always feeds him with MY treats. Of course I try to take them from him, but mom doesn't let me. She kinda kept me away from him till yesterday, but he is so gentle and so nice and he lets me jump on him, grab him, etc. Mom asked me to stop, he is a pretty old dog and she doesn't want me to hurt his joints. Mom loves his eyes and his looks and feels sorry for him having to spend his last years on the street.

Anyhow today was a different story. This morning, very early, mom took me out and I managed to freak her out and made her sick. Yep, I did something horrible in her point of view - grabbed another dog's poop! You can imagine how grossed out she was when she had to remove it from my mouth before anything worse (erm HOW MUCH worse could it be?)happened, and she froze thinking it might be a sick stray. You know mom and dad, they're paranoid about my health. Ok walk cut short.

Now this evening mom was feeling sorry for not walking me properly and took me for a walk when she came back from work. Long story short, as soon as we started our walk, I saw something and stopped. Mom first saw a cat, then she realized the cat was chasing a rat(or what she thought it was a rat) in the bushes! Mom freaked out and asked me to run with her, I did so. We didn't even stop for me to have my potty break! That's how freaked out mom was. She fears rats for their diseases, some terrible, terrible ones. Frankly I am not so sure it was a rat, might have been a hedgehog, anyhow we ran!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

10 promises to a dog

Thank you Julia, Bernard and Dino for publishing this wonderful post. We have a lot to learn from it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today mom promised she would mix something great in my kibble! She has already given me a bit of natural yogurt and an egg yolk. I get an egg yolk once in a while, about once a week, but it's carefully separated from the white which is not good for me. Anyhow I will get some turkey mixed in my kibble today! Yummy.

Mom and dad went shopping yesterday and bought turkey especially for me! They don't eat that, mostly because daddy doesn't love it. I can hardly wait to get a few bites of it, I've only had chicken and veal so far with no fat/bones.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Give me a five!

Sorry about quality, but mom was holding the camera with one hand, while paying attention to me.


Today I went shopping with mom! I loved it! I behaved so nice and waited patiently for mom to buy some veggies, that I think I will be allowed to go with her from now on. Of course, many places do not allow dogs, so only the farmers' market is ok for me. But it's big for me and I like to be trusted like this.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Funny thing

Last night, before we all went to sleep, mom played a video of our training. Needless to say that when I heard "Emma, come!" I came! Then I had no idea why mom was laughing, and I was following the commands in the film! I know I get my treats this way, so why not?
What puzzled me most is that mom was not saying a thing, but I could hear her voice! I had such a surprised look on my face.

Some short films

Erm....humping OOPS

Yep, I am a 3 months old GIRL. That doesn't stop me doing this. I know it is funny so I wanted to share it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update on commands

So far I can sit, stay, come, leave it, take it, shake a paw, down, heel and run while on leash. I am also working on refusing to take things from the floor, and I succeeded to leave a treat alone while mom left the room! I sniffed it, of course, watched it, but I didn't take it. I was on a down-stay command, with the treat right in front of me, so I could easily grab it. This is part of my training, as I am not supposed to eat things from the ground when we take walks. I did that, of course the moment I snatched them, they were taken away from me.

I know my mom and dad are worried, as some irresponsible people poisoned dogs before and they threw poisoned items in random places all over the city. I am allowed to sniff but I am not allowed to take things from the ground.

I also can wait patiently. And I also refused treats from other people. Mom told me "No" and I refused the treats. Of course, I got treats and tons of praises for this! Not for once did I take the treat from strangers (very nice people who kindly agreed to help with my training, including sweet kids). We'd like to thank all of them for participating in my training, this is something extremely important.

Also, when mom stops to talk to people I sit and wait nicely most of the time. I think she does this on purpose, just to make sure I am taught what patience is.

As for potty training, I am extremely pleased to let you know that after hours of sniffing the area my mom "planted" with my poop and pee from my potty area inside, I finally went potty OUTSIDE. I refused to do so until now, and I used to hold it for an extremely long time only to go potty in my potty area inside hehe. The moment I was brought inside, I went to my area, in spite of spending a lot of time outside prior to this. We need to work on this now, and I am sure that with patience, praise and of course TREATS I will succeed.

I'd do anything for treats, yummy! And also, the best thing - play time! Dad and mom love to play with me and we have various games, including fetching toys, and my favorite one, tug-of-war. I know some people disapprove of this, but latest research proved it is not about competing against the one playing with me, but working as a team against the toy.

The dog park

Oh well, yesterday we decided to go to the dog park. What we did not expect to see were a ton of stray dogs, and no matter how much I like dogs, I was not allowed to play with them or even be near them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of irresponsible people who think it is ok for a dog to live on the streets. No, a dog, any dog, deserves a nice house and a nice family. And there are people who simply throw their dogs out of the house for various reasons. No one said it is easy to educate a dog, but with patience and perseverance a dog will become a most valued family member. But don't expect us to know everything right away, we simply don't know what is expected of us!

And the last straw was the fact that a small breed dog, probably a mix or something growled and almost attacked me, and the owner only laughed. Stupid, I know, because owners who do not educate small dogs will one day be "surprised" if their little one will be snatched and torn apart by a large dog who got pissed off big time and whose owner will find it funny. Of course it won't be, but there are people who think this way, unfortunately. I won't be surprised at all, but I hope I won't ever have to see something like that. I was told to calm down, but I was all calm and I simply ignored the rude dog. I did not bark or tried to pursue the attack and I will never do that. I am polite after all, and I am doing my best to become a well mannered pup.

Anyway I don't think we will visit that place soon. I have another place to visit, where it's safe, the dogs are polite and there are kids there! Did I tell you how much I love kids?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mad play session

Mom was so sorry she did not have the camera with us! I had a mad play session with the same kids, I ran with them, I tried to chase some balls but I couldn't as I was leashed.

And today I had my first mad play session with Blanca, she is a 2 and a half Golden Retriever. Oh I was soooooooooooo happy! Yesterday I felt a bit intimidated by her, but I still ended up going after her when we left. But today OMG we played like crazy! I even rolled over, Blanca tried the same. Erm we both ended up wet with slobber. Luckily I did not have to take another bath today, I so hate the shower! I love water, don't get me wrong. I like shampoo, too, but the final stage is agonizing. Anyhow I was so muddy yesterday that I was forced to have a bath!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Going out again

Today I kinda managed to deal with my fear of traffic noises. I am working on it. But what's cool is that mom took me to the small park that can be seen from our windows. There were some kids there and they all gathered around me. I sat nicely and let them pet me and oh BOY I LOVE KIDS! I love how friendly they are and how they play with me. They asked mom to let them walk me and mom agreed, and showed them how to do it. This teaches them responsibility and it can also lead to a stronger bond between me and kids. I am sure I will meet them again, mom promised them we'd come back. I love kids! Mom says I am exactly how she wanted me to be with them, caring, loving and extremely nice! How can I not be, I am the sweetest pup there is. Of course, this is me bragging about myself but what the heck. Mom says she is extremely proud of me!

PS do not expect a pup to behave perfectly right away, we do naughty stuff as well, I humped a towel today hihihi (yes, I am a 3 months old girl but what the heck). Mom laughed and was sorry she did not have the camera handy. Better, then you'd think I am not an angel.

PPS I also humped daddy's leg today, and mom's yesterday or two days ago. Hihihihi.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Going out

I went out today, mom took me. We both ran+walked so I learn how to deal with the leash. I did very well and now I am extremely exhausted! Of course, we went on a nearby alley where mom hasn't seen animals for some time. It felt great, it's a perfect day to walk and run! After about an hour we returned home to find a guest. Our 3rd floor neighbor was over, and I even ran with him downstairs! I inspected their house, where I am welcomed because they had a Golden and they love me! The visit was cut short because mom ran after me and assumed I wanted to go potty hihihi. Oh well...

While I was taking my walk, I met a very nice girl of about 2-3 years old who kindly played with me. I sat nicely and let her pet me. After that I met another sweet girl, one of our neighbors who also played with me. This is great, so I am told, because mom thought I didn't like human contact. Oh well, she was wrong! I love humans! I still don't like car noises and loud noises generally, but I am working on it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Woohoo today I did not beg while parents were having dinner! I sat nicely and waited. I had already had my dinner, but I got some royal treats for behaving so nicely! I got some honey YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and some kibble.

No more crazy jumping/ scratching people seated at the table, no more barking to get something. I am always ignored when I try that, so I learned to be nice, sit nice and wait.

To top it off, I went all by myself to my potty area several times and got royal treats and lots of praise for that!

PS I love treats, I do anything for them! I got a lot of praises today and treats for being so nice! YUMMY YUM!

The first time I played with a dog

Oh well, not the first time, I played with my litter mates and when mom and grandpa got me I was with one of my sisters and a very sweet boy named Charlie (not my brother).

But this is the first dog other than my siblings, my mom and dad (the dogs, not the humans) I played with! His name is Cody, he is a very cute and sweet poodle. I think my crazy way of playing without being rude scared the little one. Oh well, he is at least 2 years older than me, but I think I am a bit taller! Even though I didn't mean it, poor Cody ended up in bushes. Eventually mom told me to knock it off, I sat nicely, poor Cody was still scared and he left. We were both on leash. Oh well, I swear I only played very nice! No growling/trying to bite, etc. I jumped on him, true, but I guess all puppies do that. Anyhow it was such a nice contrast between my very light cream color and his black fur! And I am so sorry Cody was scared of me!

Oh well, he was invited over my place to play with me, but after he got scared I am not so sure his owner will allow this.

Potty training

Woohoo I am learning where I should go potty (that doesn't mean there are no accidents DOH)! And I even went all by myself several times already, including during one night when parents were asleep. Oh my gosh, they were so proud of me!

Yesterday while the plumber was working in the bathroom I cried to be allowed to go potty there and I managed to hold it for a long time. Well, I tried my best, but since it was hours of work and I was not allowed there...

Saturday, August 30, 2008


hi hi hi yes, that'd be me. Last night I drove my parents crazy, I kept barking, but the food mom was cooking smelled so great that I wanted some myself. When I calmed down, and sat nicely for some minutes, I finally got my reward - a tiny bit of boiled veal (no spices geez, I don't eat that).

I was told I needed to learn to behave and stop begging. Also, there are moments I trick parents into thinking I am sitting, but I am actually taking a potty break. This usually happens any place but my potty area. I sometimes even look at them innocently. But each time I go to the right place, I get royal treats, yummy!

Of course, sometimes I am extremely stubborn and hold it for a loooooooong time when I am taken to my potty area hihihi. But lately I noticed this is not something my parents like. Oh well, I am trying, but I am still little - I am only 12 weeks old!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Today I had finished the most important series of shots. I had Nobivac DHPPI, Nobivac L(epto) and Nobivac R(abies). In two weeks' time I will be totally protected against many diseases, including the dreadful distemper and parvovirus.

I was a very nice girl, people admired me for how well I behaved, I stood still, in a sit position, to have my shots. Mom was holding me all the time by the way, she likes to hug me a lot and I love to kiss her and lick her. Then I had my nail trimmed.

So let's recap my vaccines:

1. When I was 6 weeks old, on July 16 I had my Nobivac Puppy DP.
2. When I was 8 weeks old, on Aug. 5 I had my Nobivac DHPPI and Nobivac Lepto.
3. When I was 12 weeks old, on Aug 29 I had my Nobivac DHPPI, Lepto and Rabies shots.

Prior to this I was wormed each time before my series of shots with Drontal Puppy first time, then Drontal Plus.

The scheme is the one recommended by the breeder and the company that manufactures the vaccines.

I will have some optional shots, the most important one being Corona, which is a pretty nasty disease. But we will wait two weeks.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mom and dad



Photo copyright belongs to Mediguard Kennel

The story of my name

In late November 2007, my parents were shopping at a supermarket and there was a pet shop there. A Golden Retriever puppy was so cute that my aunt, my mom's sister wanted one right away. My parents wanted a puppy, too, but did not want to make a hasty decision.

Prior to this, they had seen an adorable stray puppy, and they wanted to adopt him when returning home, but the puppy was never there when they returned. Lucky me.

So, they returned home after shopping and they took the decision that night, after hours of debate. They decided for a German Shepherd and a boy. Mom searched for names and they decided to name the boy Max, but just in case she also searched for girl names - she loved Emma.

The people who had a German Shepherd kept delaying things - December passed, January came almost to an end and my parents already had puppy fever. One day dad took mom shopping, tricked her and got her into a pet shop. There was a Golden Retriever girl mom played with and visited lots of times, and dad told her "pick a puppy" Dad wanted her, mom too, so they came a long way from a German Shepherd and a boy! Emma, the Golden Retriever, came into their lives tail wagging - she knew she was going home. Unfortunately Emma crossed the bridge after fighting the terrible distemper virus. She was a true fighter, so bold and courageous.

My parents decided to wait, so that they didn't expose a new puppy (me) to the terrible virus. They contacted a breeder and waited for months for me to be born and finally come home. In the days prior to me coming home dad changed his mind about the name and told mom he wanted to call me Karma - my official name they both love.

My mom still wanted Emma a lot. On my way home, in the first half an hour or so, I experienced motion sickness and I threw up twice. Mom freaked out, she had flash backs of Emma (not me) being terrible sick and refused to call me Emma. So I got to be called sweetie pie, cutie, etc till I got home - no name mentioned. Once home, mom was trying to make me come by calling my name - Karma, clapping her hands, uttering my name cheerfully, etc. But I was looking to her with " WHO are you calling that?" kind of eyes. I am Emma. Yep, after that she made the mistake to call me Emma once she was away, she just called me in a regular manner, not the way you teach puppies their name, and I answered right away. Dad laughed a bit, mom tried several times to teach me that my name was Karma, but each time she did that, I was just looking at her. They eventually decided that I would only respond to Emma as name and that was it. I have answered to this name right away, no training needed at all.

Tribute to Emma - Nov,1 2007 - March, 5 2008

I had a sister, Emma. She is not exactly my sister, we have never met, and we don't share relatives. Emma came into my family on January 24th 2008 and tragically crossed the bridge on March 5th 2008. My parents were devastated. Unfortunately, Emma had already been infected with the dreadful distemper virus prior to my parents adopting her. They didn't know any better and got her from a pet shop. She started showing signs of the disease in the first few days, but mom and dad thought it was an allergy. Unfortunately, the vets who saw her did mistakes, and only one suspected distemper but did not perform any tests, in spite of requests. Mom and her mom were the first ones to see neurological signs and that was the moment they knew what they are confronting. Despite huge efforts from dad, mom,all my grandparents, my aunt and uncle to cure her, nothing could be done. But they kept hoping till the very last second. She crossed the bridge with mom and dad by her side. And also the vet who had been housecalled. She passed in a dignified manner, as she had lived her extremely short life. She did the ultimate gesture for my parents - she spared them from taking a decision dad could never take. Her heart simply stopped beating.

She was the most extraordinary puppy ever. Beautiful, kind, extremely well mannered, sensitive, discreet - she was not a puppy, but a real angel. She has showed incredible things to everyone who knew her. She even cheered mom up when she was crying from despair, in spite of being extremely ill. She was a true lady, such a gentle, huge soul locked into a tiny, frail body. She was perfect in every possible way.

To honor her memory, I have the same call name (I refused to answer to another name but Emma).

If you ever consider getting a puppy, do not get one from a pet shop - spare yourself the pain of possibly losing a puppy - you have no idea how extremely painful it is. Adopt from a shelter or contact a reputable breeder. Do not be afraid to ask too many questions - a reputable breeder/shelter will kindly answer all of them, give you plenty of details and also check on you!

This time, dad and mom contacted a reputable breeder and they waited until August 12th to get me home. It was a long trip that lasted a whole night back home. But distance did not scare parents.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So far I can sit nicely, stay, come, take it, leave it and fetch. Erm I kinda have a funny way of leaving things, especially that I love doing whatever I am doing. Such as chewing everything. Dad spoils me, but the moment I see mom, I always keep a toy handy so that I might seem innocent. Like this...hmm I am not chewing the carpet/floor/door/etc, but MY toy! And I also give her the most innocent look ever. She knows what I do, but since she doesn't catch me in the act, she pretends to ignore it. And they said they wanted to redecorate the house, so what's the point in denying me the pleasure of helping them? First, I thought carpets can be dragged and folded, I thought they looked better that way, but I was told to forget about this redecoration idea. They are still a wonderful way to play tug of war alone!

My favorite game remains tug of war, followed by chasing everything that moves!

Having fun

I always love to have fun and play with my human parents. They love me dearly and I return their love, too! They say I am the cutest and who am I to argue? Parents are always right, but I like to rebel from time to time, erm but not when it comes to them praising me!

Last night I helped mom clean

I really don't understand why we can't clean together, I just love it! I'd really love to play tug of war with the mop, but mom says it would take us centuries to clean this way. Oh well...I still give it a shot whenever I can.


My name is Emma, oh well, my official name is Karma Mediguard, but I refused to answer to the name Karma and answered right away to Emma. So I got to be called Emma.

I was born on June, 5th 2008 and I also have a lot of cute nicknames such as cutie pie, sweetie, sweetie pie, kong (can you tell I am obsessed with food?), etc. Of course I eat my food, not pies, but still...

Speaking of my favorite food, apart from dog kibble I also love apples, nectarines, chicken. I like to play with carrots but I don't like them so much. I also loooooooove yogurt and kefir! Give me that and I am extremely happy.

I have a lot of toys, I especially like the ones I can play tug of war with. I retrieve well (of course, since I am a Golden Retriever) and I loooooooooove water. I'd jump in the tub, but I am too little and someone needs to fill it with some water and scoop me up, so I create my own swimming pool by spilling water out of my water bowl.