Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bine ai venit acasa, TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina surioara mea dupa tati a venit acasa azi!!!!!!!!


Welcome home, Tina!!!!!!!!!! She is my half sister, we have the same dad!!!!!!!!

Interior decorator (and lanscapist but that's another story)

There are always new emerging trends in interior decoration. What I want to present now is my graduation thesis.

Gun dog? Maybe. Bird hunting - are you serious? Guard dog - never

So Golden Retrievers are great gun dogs, and that may be true about me as well, as I do not fear loud noises. But we are used for bird hunting. Now THAT might be weird, because ...oh well watch the video and you will see.

As for my guardian comment. We are NOT meant to be guard dogs haha.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Emma and politics

Today, as I was taking a walk some guys and girls stopped mom - they were giving away some leaflets with a political party or some candidates. Mom requested only one, rolled it over and gave it to me. You should have seen the look on their faces with mom told me" Emma will you vote, sweetie?". As we were walking people were bursting into laughter seeing me proudly marching with that leaflet in my mouth(slobber included) . Some even asked me who am I voting for and mom replied for me" I have an intelligent dog, she won't vote for anyone and she would only spit on them"

Azi, pe cand ma plimbam, niste tipi si tipe de la un partid ne-au oprit si ne-au dat pliante pt un partid politic sau un candidat. Mami a rulat frumos pliantul si mi l-a dat. Ar fi trebuit sa vedeti mutrele alora cand mi-a zis "Emma, vrei sa votezi, pitica?" Pe strada oamenii mureau de ras cand ma vedeau pe mine mergand mandra cu pliantul in gura (balele incluse). Unii m-au intrebat cu cine votez si mom a dat replica pt mine "Am un caine inteligent, nu vrea sa voteze pe nimeni si dupa cum vedeti doar scuipa pe ei" Au urmat alte hohote de ras. Sper ca nu am facut campanie pt acel partid, nu asta a fost intentia. Daca da, asteptam oasele MELE!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

You have no idea how much time I spent tonight watching myself in the mirror.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Update on commands

So far I can:
leave it
drop it - I really spit some things out when requested, which always makes mom laugh.
hi five
weave (through legs)
silence ( I speak a lot)
stand (conformation pose)- still working on it though. We'll need this one next year.

But my favorite of all (actually mom made me write this) is kiss. Yep, I kiss on command as well. But that doesn't mean I don't love to kiss, I mostly kiss mom and dad without any command. I am a big kisser, hugger and licker. I really hug them, they bend down and I wrap (sort of speak) my front paws around their necks and I kiss them. And lick them.

For some commands(sit,stay, weave, spin, OFF, etc) I have also hand signals and I always respond to those, too.


Our dear friends Dino, and his family have given us two awards!!!!!! Thank you Dino, we love you lots!!!! We are so honored you have chosen us for the award.

We would like to share these awards with:

And last, but not least, to our dear friends Kara and Goldie, who do not have a blog/website yet.

Also we would like to give these special awards to my first mom, Mrs Maghiari, who is a wonderful person and a great breeder:

Some of the treats I get


This is yogurt + fresh cheese from the mountains+ an egg yolk+ a bit of honey. YUMMY I sooooooooo love this.

I love apples a lot. Mom used to slice them, but now I can take care of it myself.

My first snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh yeah, I even lifted a front paw, my sign of "eeww it's wet and I don't like it, I want home"

Mom thought I'd be thrilled and chase the snow flakes, but she was wrong hehe. She kept on telling me "Emma, look, it's snowing, it's your first snow!" Like I cared, I hate wet weather. Even though I love water a lot.

Unfortunately it was dark and it was snowing heavily so we chose to get back inside. I guess mom was the only one thrilled to get out, and I think she is extremely surprised I hated it. She really wanted to take me in the park, even if it was dark, so I could have fun with the snow flakes. Guess next time, if it's daytime.

P.S. Also note that the exclamation marks were written by mom, not me.

House (re)decoration or how I steal stuff

Monday, November 17, 2008


I was playing with mom in her office when I started to bark. Mom tried to stop me with some commands, but I just wouldn't stop barking. Eventually I ran into the living room where dad was having a conference and then mom realized the reason why I wouldn't stop barking.

You see, Tashi, my "aunt", who lives in Miami, and I were having a conference! Try to stop that, really. We wanted to talk to each other, so it's not just humans who talk! I demand my own PC now, I love talking to Tashi and I hope Ozzie, her "brother" (they're brother and sister because they're part of the same family, but they're different breeds) will join us. Mom,dad, I know you have an extra PC, so pleaseeeeeeeee.

Yesterday mom, dad and I were watching Air Bud, and the moment the villains got the puppies with the net annoyed me so much that I growled. I really disliked the movie afterward and refused to watch it. How can anyone be so evil to Golden pups? I hardly ever growl by the way.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Play session with Lexy

We had the best time today with my friend Lexy, a very sweet boy who is very intelligent, playful and cute :)

Here we greet each other:

Then we start playing, chasing each other, hugging.

As Lexy, his mom and grandpa left, I met Blanca. Note that today we kinda ignored each other, quite unusual for us! But I was tired and Blanca wanted to run and play fetch.

I was really knocked out and I don't play fetch when I am that tired.

Friday, November 14, 2008

MY first very long walk

Today I took a very long walk, about 4 km and I heeled very nice most of the trip :) With a play session before and after the trip, each about 1 and a half hours. I took long trips before but this one was a pretty fast one, it took us about 30 or 35 minutes to complete.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mail is here

Emma takes great pride in delivering mail, she always makes sure she delivers it intact.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!

Happy birthday Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you so much!

Emma is 5 months old today! And of course this time we tried to capture on video the moment she received her special birthday treat - a cake.

Wanda and Cristi with Emma