Sunday, September 28, 2008

Play play play!

I am so tired now after so much play time. We went to two parks (break in between) and played a lot. I met a lot of people who LOVE me and that includes very young kids - for those I already know I have to sit and let them pet me while waiting patiently. But I also got to play with many dogs, including one who thought I wanted to take his ball, hehe. Yeah, I am kinda obsessed with balls, if I see one moving, no matter how big it is, I try to chase it. But I was not interested in that particular ball anyhow, I wanted to play with that dog. Oh well...

I was also allowed to carry a stick in my mouth, I love that! I also practiced how to heel properly, and I am doing a great job at this! So, I am friendly with any dog, any kid, and any adult I meet!

What I loved most though was the fact that I played with a stray (can you tell mom and dad are not thrilled with this at all?) and an 8 weeks old puppy. Oh well, too bad the puppy's owner needed to go soon, we both loved to play together.

One thing mom was worried about was me playing with the stray. And she even lifted me up, but it's hard to separate us.

And mom is sorry for not providing photos and videos, but she can't do this because she wants to take care of me.

Anyhow I am off to cuddle with mom and dad. I always show how much I love them, and they love me tons, too!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dog food

A very interesting article about the truth about dog food. There are many more that state the same things.

People have been told that it is very difficult to become a dog nutritionist. Like they have to be nutritionists in order to feed themselves or their kids properly. This is all part of shameless advertising in order to persuade people to buy dog food, and they make it sound like it's the best thing ever. The most worrisome fact are the endless food recalls in the industry, apart from the low quality ingredients added to dog food in order to boost quantity. Perhaps not all companies do this, but it is very difficult to tell that.

Anyhow, a good website that tackles dog food (both dry and canned) is

and another one that gives some info on what is healthy for a dog. Since some claim garlic is not healthy for dogs, nor whole eggs, I am not fed those. Actually I am fed just the egg yolk once a week. Those can even be added to kibble to make it more interesting.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Late evening walk

Yesterday dad and mom took me for a walk and I was allowed to play with a nice stray dog. He's a kind of our shadow whenever we go in a certain area. I know he follows mom actually because she always feeds him with MY treats. Of course I try to take them from him, but mom doesn't let me. She kinda kept me away from him till yesterday, but he is so gentle and so nice and he lets me jump on him, grab him, etc. Mom asked me to stop, he is a pretty old dog and she doesn't want me to hurt his joints. Mom loves his eyes and his looks and feels sorry for him having to spend his last years on the street.

Anyhow today was a different story. This morning, very early, mom took me out and I managed to freak her out and made her sick. Yep, I did something horrible in her point of view - grabbed another dog's poop! You can imagine how grossed out she was when she had to remove it from my mouth before anything worse (erm HOW MUCH worse could it be?)happened, and she froze thinking it might be a sick stray. You know mom and dad, they're paranoid about my health. Ok walk cut short.

Now this evening mom was feeling sorry for not walking me properly and took me for a walk when she came back from work. Long story short, as soon as we started our walk, I saw something and stopped. Mom first saw a cat, then she realized the cat was chasing a rat(or what she thought it was a rat) in the bushes! Mom freaked out and asked me to run with her, I did so. We didn't even stop for me to have my potty break! That's how freaked out mom was. She fears rats for their diseases, some terrible, terrible ones. Frankly I am not so sure it was a rat, might have been a hedgehog, anyhow we ran!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

10 promises to a dog

Thank you Julia, Bernard and Dino for publishing this wonderful post. We have a lot to learn from it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today mom promised she would mix something great in my kibble! She has already given me a bit of natural yogurt and an egg yolk. I get an egg yolk once in a while, about once a week, but it's carefully separated from the white which is not good for me. Anyhow I will get some turkey mixed in my kibble today! Yummy.

Mom and dad went shopping yesterday and bought turkey especially for me! They don't eat that, mostly because daddy doesn't love it. I can hardly wait to get a few bites of it, I've only had chicken and veal so far with no fat/bones.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Give me a five!

Sorry about quality, but mom was holding the camera with one hand, while paying attention to me.


Today I went shopping with mom! I loved it! I behaved so nice and waited patiently for mom to buy some veggies, that I think I will be allowed to go with her from now on. Of course, many places do not allow dogs, so only the farmers' market is ok for me. But it's big for me and I like to be trusted like this.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Funny thing

Last night, before we all went to sleep, mom played a video of our training. Needless to say that when I heard "Emma, come!" I came! Then I had no idea why mom was laughing, and I was following the commands in the film! I know I get my treats this way, so why not?
What puzzled me most is that mom was not saying a thing, but I could hear her voice! I had such a surprised look on my face.

Some short films

Erm....humping OOPS

Yep, I am a 3 months old GIRL. That doesn't stop me doing this. I know it is funny so I wanted to share it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update on commands

So far I can sit, stay, come, leave it, take it, shake a paw, down, heel and run while on leash. I am also working on refusing to take things from the floor, and I succeeded to leave a treat alone while mom left the room! I sniffed it, of course, watched it, but I didn't take it. I was on a down-stay command, with the treat right in front of me, so I could easily grab it. This is part of my training, as I am not supposed to eat things from the ground when we take walks. I did that, of course the moment I snatched them, they were taken away from me.

I know my mom and dad are worried, as some irresponsible people poisoned dogs before and they threw poisoned items in random places all over the city. I am allowed to sniff but I am not allowed to take things from the ground.

I also can wait patiently. And I also refused treats from other people. Mom told me "No" and I refused the treats. Of course, I got treats and tons of praises for this! Not for once did I take the treat from strangers (very nice people who kindly agreed to help with my training, including sweet kids). We'd like to thank all of them for participating in my training, this is something extremely important.

Also, when mom stops to talk to people I sit and wait nicely most of the time. I think she does this on purpose, just to make sure I am taught what patience is.

As for potty training, I am extremely pleased to let you know that after hours of sniffing the area my mom "planted" with my poop and pee from my potty area inside, I finally went potty OUTSIDE. I refused to do so until now, and I used to hold it for an extremely long time only to go potty in my potty area inside hehe. The moment I was brought inside, I went to my area, in spite of spending a lot of time outside prior to this. We need to work on this now, and I am sure that with patience, praise and of course TREATS I will succeed.

I'd do anything for treats, yummy! And also, the best thing - play time! Dad and mom love to play with me and we have various games, including fetching toys, and my favorite one, tug-of-war. I know some people disapprove of this, but latest research proved it is not about competing against the one playing with me, but working as a team against the toy.

The dog park

Oh well, yesterday we decided to go to the dog park. What we did not expect to see were a ton of stray dogs, and no matter how much I like dogs, I was not allowed to play with them or even be near them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of irresponsible people who think it is ok for a dog to live on the streets. No, a dog, any dog, deserves a nice house and a nice family. And there are people who simply throw their dogs out of the house for various reasons. No one said it is easy to educate a dog, but with patience and perseverance a dog will become a most valued family member. But don't expect us to know everything right away, we simply don't know what is expected of us!

And the last straw was the fact that a small breed dog, probably a mix or something growled and almost attacked me, and the owner only laughed. Stupid, I know, because owners who do not educate small dogs will one day be "surprised" if their little one will be snatched and torn apart by a large dog who got pissed off big time and whose owner will find it funny. Of course it won't be, but there are people who think this way, unfortunately. I won't be surprised at all, but I hope I won't ever have to see something like that. I was told to calm down, but I was all calm and I simply ignored the rude dog. I did not bark or tried to pursue the attack and I will never do that. I am polite after all, and I am doing my best to become a well mannered pup.

Anyway I don't think we will visit that place soon. I have another place to visit, where it's safe, the dogs are polite and there are kids there! Did I tell you how much I love kids?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mad play session

Mom was so sorry she did not have the camera with us! I had a mad play session with the same kids, I ran with them, I tried to chase some balls but I couldn't as I was leashed.

And today I had my first mad play session with Blanca, she is a 2 and a half Golden Retriever. Oh I was soooooooooooo happy! Yesterday I felt a bit intimidated by her, but I still ended up going after her when we left. But today OMG we played like crazy! I even rolled over, Blanca tried the same. Erm we both ended up wet with slobber. Luckily I did not have to take another bath today, I so hate the shower! I love water, don't get me wrong. I like shampoo, too, but the final stage is agonizing. Anyhow I was so muddy yesterday that I was forced to have a bath!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Going out again

Today I kinda managed to deal with my fear of traffic noises. I am working on it. But what's cool is that mom took me to the small park that can be seen from our windows. There were some kids there and they all gathered around me. I sat nicely and let them pet me and oh BOY I LOVE KIDS! I love how friendly they are and how they play with me. They asked mom to let them walk me and mom agreed, and showed them how to do it. This teaches them responsibility and it can also lead to a stronger bond between me and kids. I am sure I will meet them again, mom promised them we'd come back. I love kids! Mom says I am exactly how she wanted me to be with them, caring, loving and extremely nice! How can I not be, I am the sweetest pup there is. Of course, this is me bragging about myself but what the heck. Mom says she is extremely proud of me!

PS do not expect a pup to behave perfectly right away, we do naughty stuff as well, I humped a towel today hihihi (yes, I am a 3 months old girl but what the heck). Mom laughed and was sorry she did not have the camera handy. Better, then you'd think I am not an angel.

PPS I also humped daddy's leg today, and mom's yesterday or two days ago. Hihihihi.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Going out

I went out today, mom took me. We both ran+walked so I learn how to deal with the leash. I did very well and now I am extremely exhausted! Of course, we went on a nearby alley where mom hasn't seen animals for some time. It felt great, it's a perfect day to walk and run! After about an hour we returned home to find a guest. Our 3rd floor neighbor was over, and I even ran with him downstairs! I inspected their house, where I am welcomed because they had a Golden and they love me! The visit was cut short because mom ran after me and assumed I wanted to go potty hihihi. Oh well...

While I was taking my walk, I met a very nice girl of about 2-3 years old who kindly played with me. I sat nicely and let her pet me. After that I met another sweet girl, one of our neighbors who also played with me. This is great, so I am told, because mom thought I didn't like human contact. Oh well, she was wrong! I love humans! I still don't like car noises and loud noises generally, but I am working on it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Woohoo today I did not beg while parents were having dinner! I sat nicely and waited. I had already had my dinner, but I got some royal treats for behaving so nicely! I got some honey YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and some kibble.

No more crazy jumping/ scratching people seated at the table, no more barking to get something. I am always ignored when I try that, so I learned to be nice, sit nice and wait.

To top it off, I went all by myself to my potty area several times and got royal treats and lots of praise for that!

PS I love treats, I do anything for them! I got a lot of praises today and treats for being so nice! YUMMY YUM!

The first time I played with a dog

Oh well, not the first time, I played with my litter mates and when mom and grandpa got me I was with one of my sisters and a very sweet boy named Charlie (not my brother).

But this is the first dog other than my siblings, my mom and dad (the dogs, not the humans) I played with! His name is Cody, he is a very cute and sweet poodle. I think my crazy way of playing without being rude scared the little one. Oh well, he is at least 2 years older than me, but I think I am a bit taller! Even though I didn't mean it, poor Cody ended up in bushes. Eventually mom told me to knock it off, I sat nicely, poor Cody was still scared and he left. We were both on leash. Oh well, I swear I only played very nice! No growling/trying to bite, etc. I jumped on him, true, but I guess all puppies do that. Anyhow it was such a nice contrast between my very light cream color and his black fur! And I am so sorry Cody was scared of me!

Oh well, he was invited over my place to play with me, but after he got scared I am not so sure his owner will allow this.

Potty training

Woohoo I am learning where I should go potty (that doesn't mean there are no accidents DOH)! And I even went all by myself several times already, including during one night when parents were asleep. Oh my gosh, they were so proud of me!

Yesterday while the plumber was working in the bathroom I cried to be allowed to go potty there and I managed to hold it for a long time. Well, I tried my best, but since it was hours of work and I was not allowed there...