Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update on commands

So far I can sit, stay, come, leave it, take it, shake a paw, down, heel and run while on leash. I am also working on refusing to take things from the floor, and I succeeded to leave a treat alone while mom left the room! I sniffed it, of course, watched it, but I didn't take it. I was on a down-stay command, with the treat right in front of me, so I could easily grab it. This is part of my training, as I am not supposed to eat things from the ground when we take walks. I did that, of course the moment I snatched them, they were taken away from me.

I know my mom and dad are worried, as some irresponsible people poisoned dogs before and they threw poisoned items in random places all over the city. I am allowed to sniff but I am not allowed to take things from the ground.

I also can wait patiently. And I also refused treats from other people. Mom told me "No" and I refused the treats. Of course, I got treats and tons of praises for this! Not for once did I take the treat from strangers (very nice people who kindly agreed to help with my training, including sweet kids). We'd like to thank all of them for participating in my training, this is something extremely important.

Also, when mom stops to talk to people I sit and wait nicely most of the time. I think she does this on purpose, just to make sure I am taught what patience is.

As for potty training, I am extremely pleased to let you know that after hours of sniffing the area my mom "planted" with my poop and pee from my potty area inside, I finally went potty OUTSIDE. I refused to do so until now, and I used to hold it for an extremely long time only to go potty in my potty area inside hehe. The moment I was brought inside, I went to my area, in spite of spending a lot of time outside prior to this. We need to work on this now, and I am sure that with patience, praise and of course TREATS I will succeed.

I'd do anything for treats, yummy! And also, the best thing - play time! Dad and mom love to play with me and we have various games, including fetching toys, and my favorite one, tug-of-war. I know some people disapprove of this, but latest research proved it is not about competing against the one playing with me, but working as a team against the toy.

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