Saturday, September 6, 2008

Going out

I went out today, mom took me. We both ran+walked so I learn how to deal with the leash. I did very well and now I am extremely exhausted! Of course, we went on a nearby alley where mom hasn't seen animals for some time. It felt great, it's a perfect day to walk and run! After about an hour we returned home to find a guest. Our 3rd floor neighbor was over, and I even ran with him downstairs! I inspected their house, where I am welcomed because they had a Golden and they love me! The visit was cut short because mom ran after me and assumed I wanted to go potty hihihi. Oh well...

While I was taking my walk, I met a very nice girl of about 2-3 years old who kindly played with me. I sat nicely and let her pet me. After that I met another sweet girl, one of our neighbors who also played with me. This is great, so I am told, because mom thought I didn't like human contact. Oh well, she was wrong! I love humans! I still don't like car noises and loud noises generally, but I am working on it.

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