Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't drink and drive

Excuse me ossifer *hiccup* I am not even trying to hide the fact that I have stolen merchandise, and ...

New pics and videos

The little princess who has just shredded a big box:

Shark attack or "daddy wanna play, so what if you're tired and sleeping?"

Shark attack 2 or zoomies, can't decide which one!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I scared mom a lot

It was late evening yesterday when mom took me out in the small park nearby. We love it there, but this time everything went different. First a stray growled at me and barked at me, and all I wanted to do was play. Then two other dogs did the same, we cannot believe how poorly socialized most dogs here are. Mom took me away and we met Blanca and Patrocle. As Patrocle was the first one to greet me, mom released my leash to let me play chase. As mom was saying hi to Blanca, I ran with Patrocle, mom chasing me and calling me back. Those three dogs were barking at me and Patrocle, and luckily a gentleman took me till mom ran to me. I really scared her, she thought I could run beyond the fence and into the street. No need to mention I am not to be unleashed for a looong time. Mom scolded me, I knew she was scared and I apologized by kissing her.

We love it there because it's a fenced area and it's safe for me to play and chase leaves. Plus there are a lot of kids who love me.

Anyhow it was the first and only time I went away and also the first time I did not come back when called.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My pedigree

And according to, my most influential ancestor is Eng. CH. Camrose Cabus Christopher

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We kinda got behind with uploads

This is how I sleep:

Or like this (hmm mom woke me up when she grabbed the camera)

or like this:

Please note the stolen blanket, I love it. First mom shared a tiny bit with me, now I got to have almost all of it, but hmm I can share!

Or in bed, but no photos/ videos available.

And this is what I do every morning when I hear the alarm, THAT particular alarm only:

That alarm means time for my first meal and walk!

And here I was using mom's PC

I was not very pleased when I was interrupted from using it!

And as a result, I chose to sleep on mom's chair:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mad play time

Yesterday we didn't even have the time to update the blog, that's how much fun we had together. I went in the small park nearby where I met a ton of great kids who helped mom train me. I was even unleashed FOR THE FIRST TIME because it's a confined area. I played with Blanca, another Golden Retriever who started to obey commands (MY commands by the way) when she saw I get treats for those. It was funny!

The kids walked me, too, they ran with me. At most times mom went away and called me. I always went to her! She couldn't have tested me if those kids didn't help. So we would like to thank mostly Ioana and Wanda, and the rest of the kids for being so supportive. We would also like to congratulate them for incredible skills they have in handling me, they do an amazing job.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cuddling up with mom and dad

Well I am not banned from their bed, but since I had the habit of waking them up in the middle of the night with barks just to be lifted up, and chew on them, I was not allowed to sleep in bed with them the whole night.

This night however I sneaked in slowly, and only mom realized I had climbed in the bed. Hihihi it was so cool to sleep with them for so long! Till now I was only allowed in after my breakfast and potty break+washing paws.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A minor cold

Yesterday around 11 am I started to pee a lot. I was so mad at myself and cried for having some accidents in the house, but I couldn't hold it. Mom and dad did not say a word to me about this, they were worried a lot. Needless to say I started treatment right away and I already felt better by evening. Actually, except for peeing, everything was the same otherwise. Even if today everything is back to normal, I'll continue my treatment for a few more days.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today I am 4 months old! So I got treats mom made for me, I cuddled up with mom, including when we went out. I also cuddled up with dad, and played with both of them. But we do this every day so no biggie.

And I have to tell you I was worried mom was drowning while she was taking her bath. She left the bathroom door open to keep an eye on me, and I thought she was in danger. So I tried hard to grab her with my paws, my mouth, I barked, I ran to daddy who was sleeping, to alert him, I tried EVERYTHING, including to open doors. Luckily, mom was not in danger as I had thought. Phew. She tried to calm me down, but when I think someone I love is in danger, that is not easy to do.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just to keep track of my weight

I am 13 kg today, one day before I turn 17 weeks old.

Happy Birthday, grandma!

I wish you all the best and I love you lots!

We had a great play time together today and I love being over there.

Going to school

Hmm if you think it's puppy classes, you're wrong hehe. I really went to high school today! The kind with human students. It's grandma's birthday and mom wanted to surprise her, so we went to visit her (and my grandpa, of course, and my aunt and uncle were also there)after school. We had to take a cab, even if it is a walking distance from the high school because it was pretty late and there are lots of strays on the streets. So to avoid an unpleasant incident, we took the best route.

Anyway, let's get back to high school. I love kids of all ages and we had a blast today! A lot of kids wanted to skip their classes and attend mom's just to be with me! I am so glad mom trusts me so much to take me with her! I behaved so nicely, that everyone was deeply impressed. But I always behave nicely :) And I want to thank all the kids for being so nice to me and for making me so happy!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! I love you lots! And I know you love me tons, too!