Thursday, October 30, 2008

I scared mom a lot

It was late evening yesterday when mom took me out in the small park nearby. We love it there, but this time everything went different. First a stray growled at me and barked at me, and all I wanted to do was play. Then two other dogs did the same, we cannot believe how poorly socialized most dogs here are. Mom took me away and we met Blanca and Patrocle. As Patrocle was the first one to greet me, mom released my leash to let me play chase. As mom was saying hi to Blanca, I ran with Patrocle, mom chasing me and calling me back. Those three dogs were barking at me and Patrocle, and luckily a gentleman took me till mom ran to me. I really scared her, she thought I could run beyond the fence and into the street. No need to mention I am not to be unleashed for a looong time. Mom scolded me, I knew she was scared and I apologized by kissing her.

We love it there because it's a fenced area and it's safe for me to play and chase leaves. Plus there are a lot of kids who love me.

Anyhow it was the first and only time I went away and also the first time I did not come back when called.


  1. She really scared me a lot when she ran, she has never done that. I think she won't be allowed to play with Patrocle for some time.