Monday, October 18, 2010

Almost got a car ride in a police car :D

When I go out I usually hurry up to the park, but this time it was different. I was sniffing almost all car tires. Guess you all know why...Oh well, suddenly some police officers came towards us and told mom while laughing "we hope he won't "baptize" our car" haha. Mom explained I was a female, and they petted me, one of the gentlemen opened the car door (front hehe) and invited me in! I nearly jumped in and mom warned them it would be very hard to get rid of me without a car ride, and they smiled and told her "no problem, she is such a cutie she deserves a car ride"

Of course I regret missing a great opportunity to travel....and be loved..and be petted more :D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rest in peace sweet Elsa :((((((((

Today we found out the most devastating news: dear friends of ours lost their sweet, perfect 1 year old Golden girl, Elsa. Andreea, Razvan, the owners are devastated by the loss. One moment she was playing happily, the next one sweet Elsa was breathless and without pulse. Andreea tried to resuscitate her and called Razvan then...

My heart also goes to Ioana, the breeder, who is grieving this heavy loss, she loves Elsa immensely.

Elsa is in the crate, left. In the right, sitting down outside the crate is her dam, Sara. And standing up -Emma.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lamb ribs

It's not the first time I have been fed meaty lamb ribs, but the last two times I was a bit reluctant to eat. Now I refuse completely, I just decided to HATE them. The shock!

My mom and dad thought I was under the weather but they couldn't be more wrong! I begged their food so mom decided to feed me something else instead - tuna YUMMYYYYYYYY I love fish, especially TUNA(daddy bought it for me) , and a bit of their soup (the soup was not part of the plan to feed me, but my food is in the freezer so it would take some time till I can eat!) Later I will have some more food.

The surprise is that I refused lamb ribs though. I HAVE NEVER REFUSED anything like this before! Besides I mostly never refuse food, unless I am stuffed. I eat fruits and veggies, yogurt (picky with yogurt, I prefer certain brands) and kefir...I even love broccoli - though mom and dad HATE it hehe.

So my short list of hates includes meaty lamb ribs now. And I think that's pretty much it when it comes to food.