Friday, August 21, 2009

Pics of Emma sleeping :)

Could not help myself, but the photos were a bit ruined by the fact I had to use the flashlight in spite of bright daily light in the room. Emma woke up :(

The bed belongs to her by the way. She sleeps on it mainly during the day. At night she prefers our bed, or when she gets too hot she sleeps next to our bed, by my side :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Playing with a toddler :)

The baby was younger than me, just 1 year old (I am a month older than him hehe) and nearly as tall as me. Needless to say he even fed me, much to the delight of his grandparents and mom, who were just awwwwwwww and ohhhhhhhhh seeing how cute we interacted. I payed maximum attention how to get the small bits of food from his tiny tiny hands! Mom knew I do this, and the grandpa of the kid remarked a human could not get food so gentle!!!!! I was extremely praised for how well behaved I was!

When mom leashed me to go home, the baby grabbed her hand and wanted to leave with us! He could not say Emma but he was calling me "mama".

And this brings us to another point - mom forgot to bring camera for the nth time! Geez. Short term memory loss, eh?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Celebrating a year since Emma became a member of our family

And what a year it has been!
We are forever grateful to Mrs And Mr Maghiari of Mediguard Kennel for giving us the most adorable puppy ever!

Emma is perfect, she is our little princess, spoiled not just by us, but by everyone (or almost everyone) she meets! She is extremely friendly, she loves to be petted and she loves to play football, fetch, tug-of-war, search the toy/treat, but most of all she loves to cuddle up with us.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Too lazy to update

As you can figure out, we are too lazy to update. Besides the weather is great, so we spend countless hours outside, much to my delight.