Monday, March 29, 2010

We're incredibly happy and proud!

Came home with a cup, too!!!!!!!!

It all started because our friend, Ioana, insisted that we should go to the club show. Retriever Club Show. And since it is such a huge distance, it was not exactly something we wanted. But we went.

Day 1, Medias CAC show, judge Mrs Anca Giura CAC
We were late at show, because we did not wake up on due time and mom had to groom me! Ooops. But Goldens were judged towards the end of the show, so no problem. And we were almost late for Best Bitch :D

Day 2, Club Show, judge Mrs Eileen Caisley, Standfast Kennel, Exc 3 with World Ch YALTA IZ SOKOLINOGO GNEZDA as Exc 1 and CAC.

Selection show - recommended for breeding (it is a special show, only organized by the Club, in which dogs are assessed for this). This is the maximum qualification possible.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Trip to the bank

Now don't get me wrong, I get everywhere where I can go, but many places are not dog-friendly.
So it was a super trip to the bank, I enjoyed all the attention I could get, I also felt so well I wanted to take a nap while mom was paying hehe.

I impressed everyone in the bank big time! They praised me for how well behaved I was, how obedient, taking commands right away. I also had to control myself in that paper paradise! I loooooooove paper and mom told me I was not allowed to slobber on bank documents hehe.

The only problem was the 3 packs of dogs we had to avoid. One did not bother with us, but two almost attacked! I so wish people understand dogs do not belong in the street.