Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lamb ribs

It's not the first time I have been fed meaty lamb ribs, but the last two times I was a bit reluctant to eat. Now I refuse completely, I just decided to HATE them. The shock!

My mom and dad thought I was under the weather but they couldn't be more wrong! I begged their food so mom decided to feed me something else instead - tuna YUMMYYYYYYYY I love fish, especially TUNA(daddy bought it for me) , and a bit of their soup (the soup was not part of the plan to feed me, but my food is in the freezer so it would take some time till I can eat!) Later I will have some more food.

The surprise is that I refused lamb ribs though. I HAVE NEVER REFUSED anything like this before! Besides I mostly never refuse food, unless I am stuffed. I eat fruits and veggies, yogurt (picky with yogurt, I prefer certain brands) and kefir...I even love broccoli - though mom and dad HATE it hehe.

So my short list of hates includes meaty lamb ribs now. And I think that's pretty much it when it comes to food.

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