Monday, October 18, 2010

Almost got a car ride in a police car :D

When I go out I usually hurry up to the park, but this time it was different. I was sniffing almost all car tires. Guess you all know why...Oh well, suddenly some police officers came towards us and told mom while laughing "we hope he won't "baptize" our car" haha. Mom explained I was a female, and they petted me, one of the gentlemen opened the car door (front hehe) and invited me in! I nearly jumped in and mom warned them it would be very hard to get rid of me without a car ride, and they smiled and told her "no problem, she is such a cutie she deserves a car ride"

Of course I regret missing a great opportunity to travel....and be loved..and be petted more :D


  1. One of my sisters great danes went on the lamb and got picked up by the police. He spent the rest of the day in the back of the police car doing patrols till they passed by my sisters house and could drop him off!


  2. haha I bet he had a blast doing patrols with them! Great danes are beautiful, unfortunately most people here fear them because they're large dogs. They have no idea how friendly great danes are :)

    It was very thoughtful of the officers to pick him up and watch over him until he was safe home! Such people are a blessing to community, they really care :)