Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rest in peace sweet Elsa :((((((((

Today we found out the most devastating news: dear friends of ours lost their sweet, perfect 1 year old Golden girl, Elsa. Andreea, Razvan, the owners are devastated by the loss. One moment she was playing happily, the next one sweet Elsa was breathless and without pulse. Andreea tried to resuscitate her and called Razvan then...

My heart also goes to Ioana, the breeder, who is grieving this heavy loss, she loves Elsa immensely.

Elsa is in the crate, left. In the right, sitting down outside the crate is her dam, Sara. And standing up -Emma.


  1. Oh my gosh! Do they know what happened? How horrible! Our thoughts and prayers are with them!


  2. thank you Sam, it all happened very fast, Andreea, the owner was with her in the park and Elsa suddenly collapsed while playing. Vet who examined her said cardio-respiratory arrest :(