Sunday, October 19, 2008

We kinda got behind with uploads

This is how I sleep:

Or like this (hmm mom woke me up when she grabbed the camera)

or like this:

Please note the stolen blanket, I love it. First mom shared a tiny bit with me, now I got to have almost all of it, but hmm I can share!

Or in bed, but no photos/ videos available.

And this is what I do every morning when I hear the alarm, THAT particular alarm only:

That alarm means time for my first meal and walk!

And here I was using mom's PC

I was not very pleased when I was interrupted from using it!

And as a result, I chose to sleep on mom's chair:


  1. Haha! Emma! You look really funny sleeping with your tongue hanging out like that! The clip of you biting your leg is too adorable. You appear to have grown a lot bigger too! Take good care of your Mom and Dad! Love, Dino

  2. Hahaha, she sleeps a lot with her tongue out, she's so sweet and funny when she does that.
    Oh yeah, she has grown a lot, it is not so apparent in the photos, but she is double the size she was when she came home.

    We've still got the flu, but we're much better now thanks to Emma. It's amazing that such a young pup understands that we're not well and does everything possible to make us feel better!

  3. hi hi!Emma is very very sweet!:X:X:X:X i like Emma!:*:*:*

  4. Thank you very much! She is indeed very sweet :) We adore her lots and she is our baby :)