Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dog food

A very interesting article about the truth about dog food. There are many more that state the same things.

People have been told that it is very difficult to become a dog nutritionist. Like they have to be nutritionists in order to feed themselves or their kids properly. This is all part of shameless advertising in order to persuade people to buy dog food, and they make it sound like it's the best thing ever. The most worrisome fact are the endless food recalls in the industry, apart from the low quality ingredients added to dog food in order to boost quantity. Perhaps not all companies do this, but it is very difficult to tell that.

Anyhow, a good website that tackles dog food (both dry and canned) is

and another one that gives some info on what is healthy for a dog. Since some claim garlic is not healthy for dogs, nor whole eggs, I am not fed those. Actually I am fed just the egg yolk once a week. Those can even be added to kibble to make it more interesting.

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