Saturday, September 13, 2008

The dog park

Oh well, yesterday we decided to go to the dog park. What we did not expect to see were a ton of stray dogs, and no matter how much I like dogs, I was not allowed to play with them or even be near them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of irresponsible people who think it is ok for a dog to live on the streets. No, a dog, any dog, deserves a nice house and a nice family. And there are people who simply throw their dogs out of the house for various reasons. No one said it is easy to educate a dog, but with patience and perseverance a dog will become a most valued family member. But don't expect us to know everything right away, we simply don't know what is expected of us!

And the last straw was the fact that a small breed dog, probably a mix or something growled and almost attacked me, and the owner only laughed. Stupid, I know, because owners who do not educate small dogs will one day be "surprised" if their little one will be snatched and torn apart by a large dog who got pissed off big time and whose owner will find it funny. Of course it won't be, but there are people who think this way, unfortunately. I won't be surprised at all, but I hope I won't ever have to see something like that. I was told to calm down, but I was all calm and I simply ignored the rude dog. I did not bark or tried to pursue the attack and I will never do that. I am polite after all, and I am doing my best to become a well mannered pup.

Anyway I don't think we will visit that place soon. I have another place to visit, where it's safe, the dogs are polite and there are kids there! Did I tell you how much I love kids?

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