Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Late evening walk

Yesterday dad and mom took me for a walk and I was allowed to play with a nice stray dog. He's a kind of our shadow whenever we go in a certain area. I know he follows mom actually because she always feeds him with MY treats. Of course I try to take them from him, but mom doesn't let me. She kinda kept me away from him till yesterday, but he is so gentle and so nice and he lets me jump on him, grab him, etc. Mom asked me to stop, he is a pretty old dog and she doesn't want me to hurt his joints. Mom loves his eyes and his looks and feels sorry for him having to spend his last years on the street.

Anyhow today was a different story. This morning, very early, mom took me out and I managed to freak her out and made her sick. Yep, I did something horrible in her point of view - grabbed another dog's poop! You can imagine how grossed out she was when she had to remove it from my mouth before anything worse (erm HOW MUCH worse could it be?)happened, and she froze thinking it might be a sick stray. You know mom and dad, they're paranoid about my health. Ok walk cut short.

Now this evening mom was feeling sorry for not walking me properly and took me for a walk when she came back from work. Long story short, as soon as we started our walk, I saw something and stopped. Mom first saw a cat, then she realized the cat was chasing a rat(or what she thought it was a rat) in the bushes! Mom freaked out and asked me to run with her, I did so. We didn't even stop for me to have my potty break! That's how freaked out mom was. She fears rats for their diseases, some terrible, terrible ones. Frankly I am not so sure it was a rat, might have been a hedgehog, anyhow we ran!

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