Monday, September 8, 2008

Going out again

Today I kinda managed to deal with my fear of traffic noises. I am working on it. But what's cool is that mom took me to the small park that can be seen from our windows. There were some kids there and they all gathered around me. I sat nicely and let them pet me and oh BOY I LOVE KIDS! I love how friendly they are and how they play with me. They asked mom to let them walk me and mom agreed, and showed them how to do it. This teaches them responsibility and it can also lead to a stronger bond between me and kids. I am sure I will meet them again, mom promised them we'd come back. I love kids! Mom says I am exactly how she wanted me to be with them, caring, loving and extremely nice! How can I not be, I am the sweetest pup there is. Of course, this is me bragging about myself but what the heck. Mom says she is extremely proud of me!

PS do not expect a pup to behave perfectly right away, we do naughty stuff as well, I humped a towel today hihihi (yes, I am a 3 months old girl but what the heck). Mom laughed and was sorry she did not have the camera handy. Better, then you'd think I am not an angel.

PPS I also humped daddy's leg today, and mom's yesterday or two days ago. Hihihihi.

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