Sunday, September 28, 2008

Play play play!

I am so tired now after so much play time. We went to two parks (break in between) and played a lot. I met a lot of people who LOVE me and that includes very young kids - for those I already know I have to sit and let them pet me while waiting patiently. But I also got to play with many dogs, including one who thought I wanted to take his ball, hehe. Yeah, I am kinda obsessed with balls, if I see one moving, no matter how big it is, I try to chase it. But I was not interested in that particular ball anyhow, I wanted to play with that dog. Oh well...

I was also allowed to carry a stick in my mouth, I love that! I also practiced how to heel properly, and I am doing a great job at this! So, I am friendly with any dog, any kid, and any adult I meet!

What I loved most though was the fact that I played with a stray (can you tell mom and dad are not thrilled with this at all?) and an 8 weeks old puppy. Oh well, too bad the puppy's owner needed to go soon, we both loved to play together.

One thing mom was worried about was me playing with the stray. And she even lifted me up, but it's hard to separate us.

And mom is sorry for not providing photos and videos, but she can't do this because she wants to take care of me.

Anyhow I am off to cuddle with mom and dad. I always show how much I love them, and they love me tons, too!


  1. Oh Emma! Sounds like you had loads of fun! Pity no photos, please remind your mommy to take some next time. Take care my friend!
    Love, Dino

  2. Oh yes, I am having tons of fun, and I will tell mom to try to take the camera with her! The weather hasn't been so great lately, lots of clouds, so we are not sure how the shots might turn.

  3. Hugs for Dino and lots of love for him!