Monday, November 17, 2008


I was playing with mom in her office when I started to bark. Mom tried to stop me with some commands, but I just wouldn't stop barking. Eventually I ran into the living room where dad was having a conference and then mom realized the reason why I wouldn't stop barking.

You see, Tashi, my "aunt", who lives in Miami, and I were having a conference! Try to stop that, really. We wanted to talk to each other, so it's not just humans who talk! I demand my own PC now, I love talking to Tashi and I hope Ozzie, her "brother" (they're brother and sister because they're part of the same family, but they're different breeds) will join us. Mom,dad, I know you have an extra PC, so pleaseeeeeeeee.

Yesterday mom, dad and I were watching Air Bud, and the moment the villains got the puppies with the net annoyed me so much that I growled. I really disliked the movie afterward and refused to watch it. How can anyone be so evil to Golden pups? I hardly ever growl by the way.


  1. Whoa! That's gonna be one of your many talents! I hope you get to see Tashi and Ozzie soon!
    Love, Dino

  2. She is interested in PCs, and a bit more in watching TV but she'd rather play or cuddle up with us.

    Love and hugs for Dino!