Sunday, November 23, 2008

My first snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh yeah, I even lifted a front paw, my sign of "eeww it's wet and I don't like it, I want home"

Mom thought I'd be thrilled and chase the snow flakes, but she was wrong hehe. She kept on telling me "Emma, look, it's snowing, it's your first snow!" Like I cared, I hate wet weather. Even though I love water a lot.

Unfortunately it was dark and it was snowing heavily so we chose to get back inside. I guess mom was the only one thrilled to get out, and I think she is extremely surprised I hated it. She really wanted to take me in the park, even if it was dark, so I could have fun with the snow flakes. Guess next time, if it's daytime.

P.S. Also note that the exclamation marks were written by mom, not me.

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