Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So far I can sit nicely, stay, come, take it, leave it and fetch. Erm I kinda have a funny way of leaving things, especially that I love doing whatever I am doing. Such as chewing everything. Dad spoils me, but the moment I see mom, I always keep a toy handy so that I might seem innocent. Like this...hmm I am not chewing the carpet/floor/door/etc, but MY toy! And I also give her the most innocent look ever. She knows what I do, but since she doesn't catch me in the act, she pretends to ignore it. And they said they wanted to redecorate the house, so what's the point in denying me the pleasure of helping them? First, I thought carpets can be dragged and folded, I thought they looked better that way, but I was told to forget about this redecoration idea. They are still a wonderful way to play tug of war alone!

My favorite game remains tug of war, followed by chasing everything that moves!

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