Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tribute to Emma - Nov,1 2007 - March, 5 2008

I had a sister, Emma. She is not exactly my sister, we have never met, and we don't share relatives. Emma came into my family on January 24th 2008 and tragically crossed the bridge on March 5th 2008. My parents were devastated. Unfortunately, Emma had already been infected with the dreadful distemper virus prior to my parents adopting her. They didn't know any better and got her from a pet shop. She started showing signs of the disease in the first few days, but mom and dad thought it was an allergy. Unfortunately, the vets who saw her did mistakes, and only one suspected distemper but did not perform any tests, in spite of requests. Mom and her mom were the first ones to see neurological signs and that was the moment they knew what they are confronting. Despite huge efforts from dad, mom,all my grandparents, my aunt and uncle to cure her, nothing could be done. But they kept hoping till the very last second. She crossed the bridge with mom and dad by her side. And also the vet who had been housecalled. She passed in a dignified manner, as she had lived her extremely short life. She did the ultimate gesture for my parents - she spared them from taking a decision dad could never take. Her heart simply stopped beating.

She was the most extraordinary puppy ever. Beautiful, kind, extremely well mannered, sensitive, discreet - she was not a puppy, but a real angel. She has showed incredible things to everyone who knew her. She even cheered mom up when she was crying from despair, in spite of being extremely ill. She was a true lady, such a gentle, huge soul locked into a tiny, frail body. She was perfect in every possible way.

To honor her memory, I have the same call name (I refused to answer to another name but Emma).

If you ever consider getting a puppy, do not get one from a pet shop - spare yourself the pain of possibly losing a puppy - you have no idea how extremely painful it is. Adopt from a shelter or contact a reputable breeder. Do not be afraid to ask too many questions - a reputable breeder/shelter will kindly answer all of them, give you plenty of details and also check on you!

This time, dad and mom contacted a reputable breeder and they waited until August 12th to get me home. It was a long trip that lasted a whole night back home. But distance did not scare parents.



  1. Am avut o surioara, Emma. Nu a fost exact surioara mea, pt ca nu ne-am intalnit niciodata si nici nu stiu sa fi avut rude. Emma a venit in familia nea pe 24 ianuarie 2008 si a plecat in mod tragic de langa noi pe 5 martie 2008, in ciuda eforturilor uriase de a o salva. Parintii au fost terminati de durere. Din pacate, micuta Emma a venit la ei in familie bolnava, fusese infectata probabil la pet shopul de unde au luat-o cu virusul teribil al maladiei Carre (jigodie popular).

    Ingerasul mic a fost cel mai scumpic si adorabil puiut care a existat vreodata. Frumoasa foc, iubitoare, ascultatoare, extrem de bine crescuta, discreta - n-a fost un puiut ci un adevarat ingeras care a facut adevarate minuni in familia mea. Asta inainte de a ma naste eu. A aratat lucruri incredibile familiei si oricui a cunoscut-o. Pe cand a avut prima criza grava, din care erau slabe sanse sa se faca bine, asa bolnava cum era a incurajat-o pe mami, si i-a dat speranta - a inhatat o jucarie de-a ei si a incercat s-o smotoceasca. A fost o adevarata doamna - asa un suflet urias si pur incatusat intr-un corpusor mic si fragil. Dar cu o vointa de fier de a fi impreuna cu mami si tati. A fost perfecta.

    Te vom iubi mereu sweetie pie!

  2. Daca iubirea ar fi putut s-o salveze, ar fi trait vesnic...