Saturday, August 30, 2008


hi hi hi yes, that'd be me. Last night I drove my parents crazy, I kept barking, but the food mom was cooking smelled so great that I wanted some myself. When I calmed down, and sat nicely for some minutes, I finally got my reward - a tiny bit of boiled veal (no spices geez, I don't eat that).

I was told I needed to learn to behave and stop begging. Also, there are moments I trick parents into thinking I am sitting, but I am actually taking a potty break. This usually happens any place but my potty area. I sometimes even look at them innocently. But each time I go to the right place, I get royal treats, yummy!

Of course, sometimes I am extremely stubborn and hold it for a loooooooong time when I am taken to my potty area hihihi. But lately I noticed this is not something my parents like. Oh well, I am trying, but I am still little - I am only 12 weeks old!

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