Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My name is Emma, oh well, my official name is Karma Mediguard, but I refused to answer to the name Karma and answered right away to Emma. So I got to be called Emma.

I was born on June, 5th 2008 and I also have a lot of cute nicknames such as cutie pie, sweetie, sweetie pie, kong (can you tell I am obsessed with food?), etc. Of course I eat my food, not pies, but still...

Speaking of my favorite food, apart from dog kibble I also love apples, nectarines, chicken. I like to play with carrots but I don't like them so much. I also loooooooove yogurt and kefir! Give me that and I am extremely happy.

I have a lot of toys, I especially like the ones I can play tug of war with. I retrieve well (of course, since I am a Golden Retriever) and I loooooooooove water. I'd jump in the tub, but I am too little and someone needs to fill it with some water and scoop me up, so I create my own swimming pool by spilling water out of my water bowl.


  1. Hi there,

    We stumbled upon your cute picture while reading Amber-Mae's blog! Thou' you're a GR but Mum thinks you look so much like our Angel brother (also called Goofy)

  2. Opps!

    We should have used the doggy blog to leave the comment instead. We're so sorry! Do delete that and keep this!

    Rudolf, Goofy