Saturday, July 17, 2010

Very strange weather

After a week of extremely heavy rain (and floods), cold weather, too, which is highly unusual for this time of the year, we are now hit by a heat wave. So my methods of cooling down are apart from air conditioning, also water. And by that I do not mean just my cold water bowl, refreshed very often, but also the tub. Yep, the tub with some cold water in it. As soon as I hear water there I try to jump in! Plus toys that float, and I have a party! Today after I was lifted in the tub, played some, digging water and retrieving toys (sorry, can't help it!) mom got me out, but did not let the water out. She knew I would love to go inside again. Yep, as soon as she left the bathroom she heard water splashes and she hurried back in only to catch me trying to get inside. She scolded me some for this particular stunt because she is afraid I might hurt myself in the process. So she always has to lift me up safely...Not easy to do though haha.

And I love digging water!

Aside from the tub I also enjoy a pretty big basin filled with water, which is placed in the bathroom for me to dig as much as I please. :)

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