Friday, July 23, 2010

Funny conversation :)))

Today dad was trying to eat. As usual, I gave it a shot with my begging skills (PhD in that!) and planted my head on dad's lap. Then an "argument" followed (which made mom burst into laughter) Dad was telling me in a very sweet voice: "Emma, please, I am begging you, let me eat, you have already eaten once today...Please Emma" ROFL

Mom calls my stomach bottomless bag soooooooo what if I ate?

I usually sing or try to talk back(making funny noises) but now it was not the case.

I have various approaches to begging and people always love this :))))


  1. You are a zen master when it comes to begging. You must have went to the same college as Sam!


  2. haha Sam, they have their sweet ways of getting what they want. This is what I love about Goldens.