Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2 days visiting grandparents

Wooohoooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooo incredibly spoiled! Mom was with me this time (separation anxiety, her, not me hehe) And got to witness how incredibly spoiled I am by people. Not just family, but also neighbors. They all stop to give me some love, and today the cutest girl insisted to see me :) Mom had no idea we had fun before, so she was thrilled to discover I have so many fans at my grandparent's place.

What was funny to them was when mom was on the phone with dad and she put him on speakers :)))) I started looking at the cell and was about to start talking to dad :)))) They thought it was so funny :)))

Grandma cooked yummy food for us, too, and I got some at home as well YUMMYYYYYY

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