Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To all stray lovers:

To all stray lovers: you do NOT respond to the law when these dogs do damage, attack humans and even kill them. So either take them in the house or let city pound do its duty! DOGS DO NOT BELONG IN THE STREETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are dangerous, they attack everyone going through their territory, they have formed large PACKS and all thanks to the so called animals lovers who do not want a dog in their house because "it is dirty, it makes mess, blah blah" A dog is dirty if you don't wash the dog, a dog makes mess if you don't train him/her or don't clean your house. This really proves how irresponsible you are!
You are also the ones who do not wish stray dogs to be neutered/spayed. IDIOTS

Strays have KILLED humans and yet you insist them roam the streets. YOU MAKE ME SICK SICK SICK.


  1. We were attacked numerous times by the same pack, And every time we go for walks I have to be very careful about stray dogs who sometimes attack without warning. It happened.

    A stupid stray lover told me to avoid the area...I feel like killing her for this, we live here, I can't really avoid them. Besides there are dogs everywhere! She really has a lot of nerve and I was not nice about it at all. Dogs in her opinion own the street. I told her I will hold her accountable for any further attack. And complain to the police against her.

  2. I would! I would be scared to walk my dog in an area like that - not to mention they are not vaccinated! Please be very careful!

    I think I would still call the police, just let them know there is an issue!

  3. I live here, can't avoid it. There are 4 packs of dogs very close to where we live. One at each end of our block, one across the street and one pretty close too. So it leaves me no options.

    thanks Sam for caring :)