Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mom, let me sleep! Ep 2

Oh well...
First I slept on the sofa (sorry, no photos) and daddy turned on the TV for me. Animal Planet, of course, because I love watching animals. OR sleep :)
Then I moved and decided sleeping under curtains would be fun. But of course mom thought it would be such a great idea to take a photo of me.

Stop using the flashlight, please. Now what????

Oh well, back to sleep, no fun being bothered

If I think better, the bed is much better than sleeping on the floor. Especially that I have it only for myself. Dad saw me and turned the TV on for me in the bedroom this time.


  1. Hey there Emma
    Those are really fun pictures, but you know what....YOU HAVE GROWN! You have filled out into an adult golden before our eyes. The little changes can no longer be hidden! You are beautiful!

  2. Thank you Max! Hugssss

    I still have a lot to fill in, I grew up slow :) But I am doing a great job it seems, mom and dad are very proud of me :)

  3. Emma, you look like the softest Golden - your coat is beautiful :)