Monday, November 9, 2009

Wow, I just realized something

On June 29th I posted I was 54 cm at withers. In September before Pitesti Dog Show mom measured me and I was 55. I GREW for sure!

It may not be too much, but please keep in mind my parents were desperate. At 6 months, when I was really sick, I went to the vet for emergency (throwing up and diarrhea) and I was given a shot that prevented my growth for 3 months! I was stuck at 47 cm at withers for those 3 months, and and mom kept wishing I grew to reach at least 51 cm (minimum for the standard). So I hope everyone understands the thrill :)

Standard says 51-56 cm for bitches :)


  1. That's wondeful news, Emma!
    We are also pleased that the 'sickies' are over now. Sending lots of love to you and we hope that you go from strength to strength.

  2. Dear Max,

    I was on dog kibble then, and I used to throw up a lot. Diarrhea too. Not anymore. Since May I have been on BARF or actually raw food. Mom says she is terribly sorry she did not switch me as a puppy. No more throwing up, no more diarrhea!!!!!!!!