Sunday, November 22, 2009

Emma for President!

My political statement:
1.You can always meet the president (me) and pet the president! You cannot say that about the other candidates!
2.Stress will be reduced after spending time with me, it's a proven fact!
3. We can always have fun together. Kids can run with me, so they will be healthier!


As you know people here are electing today a new president. Hopefully a new one, I can't stand the monkey who is president now. He is totally irresponsible, a dictator who laid off the government twice, and threatened to do the same with the parliament. And people live under the illusion he fights corruption. Well he isn't, he is extremely corrupted.

PS. the photo is from last year's Christmas, not from this year. As you can see, I was a puppy then. Just 6 months old :)


  1. You have our vote Emma! There is no one more trustworthy than a Golden Retriever :)

  2. Thank youuuuuuu.

    Oh well, I steal...rarely but I do hehe. Do I still have your vote? ;)