Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mom, let me sleep!

After spending two days at my grandparents again, I figured the best place to sleep in my bed...erm our bed...erm that is where I sleep at night with my parents.

But I usually sleep in my human bed or the couch, not in the bedroom. Mom thought I was so cute she decided to wake me up by taking photos and using the flash light:

Back to sleep, I cannot be bothered!

PS I am NOT allowed to sleep on my grandparents' bed, so each time I come home from them I jump in the bed!


  1. The bed certainly looks comfy! Can you share it with me? Love, Dino

  2. Hi Dino,

    Absolutely! Come over and we will kick my parents out of their bed! I did this with mom today hehe. She did not mind, she just kissed me on my belly :D

    And if you want, I also have a human bed for myself only, I would gladly share it with you :)