Thursday, October 15, 2009

A short holiday at my grandparents!

Grandma and grandpa love me so much that they had to beg to have me for a few days. I know mom and dad will go nuts without me, last time they couldn't sleep without me in the house! But I love being at their place so off I went with grandpa.

As soon as he arrived I even sang to him, that's how happy I was to see him. Apart from jumping around with happiness and following him everywhere. I just know I will have lots of fun at their place! Aaaand I will be spoiled beyond belief, but that's normal for me, I am the princess of both households hehe.


  1. You got to sleep over their house, too?!?!? Wow, I only get to go for visits, bet you got lots of treat and belly rubs!!!

    lotsa licks,

  2. Oh Emma
    Grandpa's are the best! Unfortunately we don't have any anymore, so you are really lucky! Enjoy the time at his house.
    Lots of licks

  3. Dear Emma,
    your so lucky, when my dogs go they have to stay outside, because my grandma likes them but she doesn't like them in the house.
    Visit my blog you will love little Pascal and Shakira.
    p.s:you are so cute, I wish I could coddle up with you.

  4. Dear Michelle,

    We are, indeed, extremely lucky because everyone loves Emma big time. Because dad knew he would bring her to their house, he had bought treats for Emma, like her favorite cheese and yogurt. And I must say that even if she spent only 2 days over, she gained 500 grams, a lot since I wanted her to lose some weight.

    Hugs for your Pascal and Shakira and you :)

  5. How nice, Princess Emma! Hope you get to go there very often! Love, Dino

  6. Hi Dino,

    I wish! I love them big time and they love me big time too. Unfortunately I can't go there too often, because mom and dad go nuts without me. But grandpa and grandma can come and visit us any time they want :)