Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mom and dad are extremely proud of me all the time, but now more than ever!

Sooooooo, I got one bone from mom and the deal has always been I can only chew on an old T-shirt that is mine now. I tried to show mom that I didn't like the idea so after a few seconds I tried to go on the couch, got busted right away, and then I tried to go to the bedroom, in bed, got busted right away again. All mom had to say was "I am gonna take that bone from you if you don't go on your T-shirt!" So I went. I spent a great deal of time there, behind mom's chair, but I wanted to spend some time with daddy, too. Suddenly mom sees my extremely cute head coming out of the bedroom, carrying a sock. Oh well...I thought...I am getting busted again. But no, not to worry, I can steal and carry socks! So mom and dad discovered my entire plan - I had taken the sock because it is fabric and because I am allowed to take socks and I used it to replace the T-shirt and placed the bone on it! I really wanted a more comfortable place and I really wanted to stay with daddy so I took the matter in my hands ...erm mouth and solved it!

Needless to say problem solving is my specialty! I got lots of praise for being so smart and for trying not to mess everything up!

Did I mention I did not leave any mess?


  1. Oh Emma, you sure are a smart puppy! Good job with the problem solving & glad to know your Mom didn't get mad at you for that.

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Oh no, mom does not get mad at me! I didn't mess anything up, and I got lots of praise for that!