Friday, April 3, 2009

Mad play time

In the past few days I played with Blanca, and yesterday Blanca's mom and mom noticed they both wished they had a camera to record us. We were playing so nicely together...

Mom said she would bring the camera the next day. CAN YOU BELIEVE she forgot???? Come on mom, how hard can it be to remember one thing. Among many other things...Let's hope we have a camera next time we meet. That is tomorrow! If not...I will be a little upset and continue to dig a hole with Blanca :D hehe you have no idea how big it was!

One another thing mom is extremely proud of - I had a LOT of diversions around me - lots kids calling my name and trying to pet me, Blanca playing around me and I ignored everything during a small training session! Perfect recalls, perfect sits, perfect weaves (through legs), name it! In the end there was applause and lots of congratulations for me! I was ecstatic!

I also heeled off leash with a kid. Guess why? He had a stick and a tennis ball :D I wanted them both so I figured if I heel nicely I could have them.

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