Saturday, April 25, 2009


I was sleeping under mom's chair, she was sitting at her desk. And suddenly a friend (closer to the epicenter) wrote "earthquake" and then mom felt it,too. She told me Emma COME, took me to the safest place in the house and told me to stay.

I have never before executed commands so fast. I work fast, but this time I was sleeping! In a fraction of a second we were in the safest place, and mom kept petting me. I was fine though. It only lasted for a few seconds here, but it was a 5.3 on Richter Scale.

We called everyone, nothing happened, of course, but some (very close to the epicenter) were pretty shaken. Oh well...we can't control nature :)


  1. wooo you´re suck a good girl emma :)
    that´s good to know everyting is ok :)

  2. I was very calm :) My parents don't like earthquakes, and this was my first one!

  3. Glad you and your family are safe. Earthquakes are scary. Love, Dino

  4. Hi, Dino!
    I was not scared hehe. Actually I was very very calm and did what I was asked to do!

    Hugs and love