Friday, April 10, 2009

I know, I know.....:D

So you read about my bath yesterday because I rolled in mud while playing with Blanca. Well today I got a 3rd bath in 3 or 4 days because I did something that my humans don't like. I rolled in poop. Whaaaaaaa? You don't like it? Come on, it was fun. I still have my Golden smile all over my face, that's how funny it was! And come on, Blanca did the same!

Mom kept telling me on the street that I am a pig, not a Golden Retriever, and that I stink like hell. OH really? I loooooooove the smell!

PS I also ate. Blanca did, too, we shared it! Funny, because we don't share stuff like that, today we did. We really can't understand our families, what's the big deal?

Also, our dear friend Hugo had his second hand food :D Yep, he ate poop. His own at least :D What Blanca and I ate was NOT ours hahaha.

I am grounded! Help.

PS today Mr Liviu took me in the school to the principal. You know we prefer the park of the nearby school so I was taken to the vice-principal. Not for bad behavior, the reason was that people love me and Blanca. Both Blanca and I were inside the school. This happened BEFORE I rolled in poop :D

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