Monday, June 29, 2009

Incredible day today!!!!!!!!!!!

We had an amazing time with our dear friends. I cannot thank them enough for being so incredibly sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Gina, Cristi, Marcela, Kassie, Ray, Silvia, Cristiana and Marian for coming in the park to have fun with me! I love you guys!


  1. They look like great people & you look so happy Emma!

    Solid Gold Momma

  2. I was incredibly happy and so were they :) We spent many hours out playing. Needless to say everyone was hoping I would sleep and be tired, but it was not exactly the case. Only the humans were extremely tired hehehe.

  3. You look great in your hat , Emma! Glad you had fun! Love, Dino

  4. Thank you, Dino :)
    Lots of hugs for you and your family, I hope you're doing great.


  5. hi emma!!
    love your photo with the hat! :D to cute!
    big licks to you and all your humans!

  6. Hi Sara,

    Thank you :)
    I have several photos with the hats, but mom was too lazy to upload them here :)

  7. Hey Emma
    Its nice to have you back blogging after the break! We missed you.
    You seem to have grown too. ...and what a happy day you seem to have had!
    Tonsaluv Maxdog in South AFrica

  8. Hi Max,

    I haven't grown taller, I am still 54 cm at withers, but my body got wider and my head grew, too.

    We have a lot of happy days, actually it's so funny to be out that this is what we do mostly. This also explains why we don't blog too often, now.

    Big hugs

  9. Hi Emma!
    You look pretty cute in that hat! You are such a pretty color, and a sweetie!!

    Come by for a visit!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  10. Hi,

    Thank you Sierra, you are a sweetheart :)