Saturday, July 11, 2009

My first major thunderstorm

I think :)

Well it sounded very very loud most of the times. Did I care? Yes, I was curious at first. Then I played with mom, but it was getting late so I fell asleep. I could not care less about loud thunders.


  1. I am sure glad you were not affected by it! Have a good week, Emma! Love, Dino

  2. hehe,

    I am really not afraid of very loud noises. I am not sure if I will ever take the field trial, but it sounds that I would pass a significant part of it :) Retrieving from deep water and not being afraid of loud noises :)

  3. Well done, Emma!! Perhaps it is because you are a 'Gundog'?
    Take care and tonsaluv
    Maxdog in South AFrica

  4. yep, Max,you're absolutely right. I have been encouraged to be courageous. And being a gundog implies that.

    Tons of hugs,