Monday, June 15, 2009

Ooopsssssssss I am grounded (again)

Well everything was going on fine. It was our morning walk, we played fetch in the park. and then mom gave me a break from fetch. I went into some bushes and mom called me right away. But nooo I was rolling into something. Mom leashed me right away, and called me a pig. The smell was unbearable for her. Must have been something dead by the horrible stench. She took me home and gave me a bath. And called me pig numerous times haha. I really don't understand the big fuss.

So I am grounded. By this I think they mean they will ignore me for a while :D I wonder how much they can resist - it's usually a few hours. Or I won't be off leash for a walk in the park or so :D We'll see ;)


  1. Hi Emma,

    I understand.....somethings are just too hard to resist. I'm sure you will not be grounded for long. Have a fun day.

  2. HI Lexi,
    You are right, I wasn't grounded for long, in fact soon after my bath I got some treats :D

  3. Hey Emma
    That's the way with us goldens! Find something really smelly to roll in and then they spoil it and give us a bath! These humans...oh dear. Hope the grounding isn't for long.
    Lotsofluv Max &Co in sunny South AFrica

  4. Hi CAM,

    Yeah, you're absolutely right! I prefer to roll in stuff that smells great to me, not to humans. Mom on the other hand loves perfumes...oh God..

    Anyhow me being grounded did not last for too long, just about an hour or so. After that mom gave me treats for working so well. :D