Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beach fun

Yesterday and today I was taken to the beach!!!!!!! First I was reluctant to enter the sea, I think I didn't like the waves. Eventually mom got in, just to encourage me to follow. We had fun yesterday but today I had a blast!!!!!!!!! Kids came to play with me, lots of them. I played fetch with them, then they were calling me from one to another just to make me swim.

Yesterday I also jogged with mom on the fine sand!!!!!!! today I played fetch with kids. I don't know how they managed to find sticks, mom couldn't :D Thank you sweet kids for playing with me!!!!!!!!!! I love it big time :)

I went to grandpa to make sure he is ok, he was waiting on the sand. Then zoooooooom around in water!!!!!!!!! I was praised by everyone, and made people go ohhhhhh and ahhhhhhhh about me.

I also begged ;) People can't resist me. But they can't go over mom, she doesn't let anyone give me treats. Oh well...She gives me lots of treats because I am such a good girl. And she praises me a looooooooot.

Oh and I wanted to hug mom in water (ok ok, I was afraid for a moment, deep water) and I accidentally scratched her. Pretty bad. Still mom laughed and encouraged me to go back and assured me there is nothing wrong with deep water. So offffffffffffff I went, and loved it big time, mom was praising me like I was landing on the Moon or Mars!!!!!!!!!

Sooooooooooooooo mom, grandpa, when are you taking me again? I love long walks (except mad strays that are everywhere) I love swimming, I love fetching in water, I love attention from people on the beach (yes, I know, no treats from them) Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

PS I know they are taking me again, they have an entire schedule planned for my beach time! Mom hasn't been in the sea for a loooong time, but she goes now just for my sake.

As soon as the water gets warmer, she will swim with me :) For now, she didn't get too wet (oh well I made sure she did, hehe, but she laughed).

And no pics for now sowwy. Yesterday mom said she wanted to focus on me only, no camera. And today she forgot to pack it.


  1. Emma, no pictures? We would love to see pictures of you on the beach!

    Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies

  2. Erm sorry, no :( Mom forgot to pack the camera yesterday. So did grandpa. But they also forgot to pack plastic bags :D They used hand sanitary napkins to pick after me :D

    Next time I suggest they make a list : water bowl for me, water, towels, napkins (they had all these) plus camera, plus plastic bags, plus God knows what :)

    Oh and shame on them, they promised me an ice cream and then changed the route back home. They owe me an ice cream.

  3. woow! look´s like we have another beach maniac! :D
    lot´s of licks

  4. Absolutely. I must issue a warning though: anyone seeing her will be addicted to her! She is people magnet ROFL. I can't walk her without having conversations with people who admire her, not even when coffee hasn't kicked in (because I didn't have a chance to drink it) and I am grumpy and sleepy.