Sunday, May 24, 2009

Afternoon photo session

Two photo sessions in a day? What am I? A model? As a result (read revenge) I played catch me if you can and hide and seek, plus make me stay still if you can :D


  1. You are a very beautiful puppy! I also played puppy catch me if you can today! It was fun but mummy got mad.
    Liffey's Licks for you

  2. Thank you :)

    hehe mom and dad didn't get mad at me, they just laughed. Two photo sessions in a day is a lot of hard work :D

  3. Hi there, Emma.
    We are new visitors to your blog. We love goldens and Emma looks really beautiful. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures. Hope to be friends soon. Love and Barks.
    Max &Co

  4. Hi Cam,
    Welcome to our blog :) Max and Toffee are adorable! Love their photos :)

    Thanks for dropping by, hope to hear from you soon