Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another day at the beach

Well no camera today, sorry.
It was a sand storm anyhow, and even if we don't spend any time on the beach, just in water, we ended up full of sand.

I learned that if I jump around like a goat, I can make huge splashes of water. I looked at some guys who were entering the water, saw how they did it, and I started to jump around, too. They loved it so much that they just went in and out of water just to laugh at how I jump around.

Then a sweet girl came and asked if she could play with me. Of course! She got wet (I shook myself ONLY in a human's presence, they must love water splashes! I do) but she laughed and threw sticks in water for me to retrieve.

So I had a blaaaaaaaast at the beach today, in spite of the nasty sand blown by the wind.

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