Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Smuggler busted!

I suppose everyone is familiar with the love Golden Retrievers have for sticks. Throw them and they will fetch them, and when they get tired they start chewing on sticks. Emma is fanatic when it comes to sticks. She even carries one during walks, when we go out or come back home, etc. But the rule is "no sticks in the house" so she drops it at the door.

Well today I thought I really placed it outside, near the door. But as soon as we got in the house, Emma fled to the bedroom. I know she loves our bed so I assumed she wanted to take a nap. But something told me there is something fishy about her behavior, so I went to check. The stick was there, and she was chewing on it :D Smuggler busted!

And then her daddy told me "come on, her stick is like internet for us, it's her joy and pleasure, her hobby, give it back to her and we will clean after" No wonder she is daddy's girl!


  1. What a lovely story about dear Emma.
    These Goldens and their endearing quirks! She is a really cutie!
    Lots of licks

  2. Hi Max,

    The aftermath of her stick is this: the stick has been shredded to tiny bits :)
    Lots of hugs and belly rubs for you, Max :)

  3. hihihi
    I have that rule too! but not only regarding sticks... it´s with everything i retrieve on my walks!
    but yesterday I found a ball in the street... and my human told me I could bring it home! :D
    big licks to the daddy´s girl


  4. Hi Sara and Pu,

    Emma is not allowed to touch anything but sticks outside. And these days we will be extra careful, Emma found one dead seagull and one dead pigeon (oh my God, they are our beloved pigeons!) and a neighbor found 3 dead ones. Oh and today a dead kitty :((( I admit I am very scared, what if someone put poison in the area?

    There are a lot of people who love pigeons, so we feed them at our windows. But these days I see just a few, from the many that used to be here :(((((

  5. oh my... that´s bad news!
    you better be carful not to let emma eat any poison on the street!

    Pu´s allowed to pic up sticks and empty bottles of water (yes... there are people that leave trash on the street!). he´s not allowed to pick up anything else


    PS from PU – hummm Emma´s Mommy… can you pleeeese take emma to the Beach or to a lake? I´m telling you… us goldens… we really have to swim and be in the water!


  6. Hi Emma, I love sticks too and being sneaky! BOL!!! Very clever, my furiend. But I need to know who picked up the mess mom or dad?!?! Enjoy your stick, just be careful not to swallow them!!!

    lotsa licks,

  7. Hi Miley,

    Both mom and dad cleaned eheh. I don't eat sticks, just chew them and shred them to tiny pieces :D

  8. Hi Pu,

    Sorry, I don't know how I missed your comment :)

    Emma is not allowed to pick anything from the park, except sticks. She carries them everywhere. She has a fancy, though, for rolling into stinky stuff. She must understand that is not acceptable for us!

    I will try to take her to the beach, she loves it big time.