Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dad is funny!

Today mom and dad were talking about me, and dad mentioned he would like to show me in the ring. As mom pointed out he had no idea what showing is about ;)And she also thought dad would just take great photos and videos of us in the show ring. And then mom mentioned the name of the kennel I come from. Hmm do I need to go on? Dad had no idea (well he forgot hahaha) about it. Oh well...And to our surprise and shock, dad completely forgot my registered name! Dad, my registered name is Karma! How can you forget it??? How? ALL MY PAPERS have my name on it! ALL. Have you ever looked at my show book, my pedigree or medical papers? Hahahah guess not.

Daddy, you need a memory upgrade perhaps. But I adore you! So does mom!

PS now daddy denies everything, of course he has always known my name!

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