Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The reason we haven't posted much lately is that we had wonderful times together and even if some moments were filmed or photos were taken they are just for us. We had wonderful times together, long cuddle times. The three of us (dad, mom and I) can't seem to have enough of them! I really looooooooove getting long massages, in fact I love them so much that I have developed a strategy to get them very often! I also love to hug and kiss (and also lick) my parents. I know they love it :)


  1. Hi Emma, I am so glad you are spending some quality time with your family! Take good care sweetie and say hello to Mom and Dad from me.
    Love, Dino

  2. Hi Dino,
    I am happy too. Now I am a bit sorry I missed so much cuddling when I was little - you know I was a crazy little pupster who still believes at time she is a pirano sharkie. hehe.

    Say hi to your parents. I can also sing to them! I like to speak, I have discovered I can actually talk to mom and dad! Of course it's roo roos and other nice sounds and they think I am absolutely adorable.

    Lots of love